First Look: Dark Pages Giant The Killers Issue

Dark Pages’ yearly extravaganzas are big deals and every year they get bigger and better. This issue is yet another hefty 40-page collector’s item full of history, background, analysis,opinion, trivia, biography and great photos about the movie, the actors, the filmmakers and everything you ever needed to know about The Killers. some of the articles you’ll find in this issue:

-close studies of the movie through: top 10 things to love about The Killers, the first 12 brutal minutes, Ava Gardner’s wardrobe and ending, Hemingway’s story, the Remake, boxing and film noir, and the movie’s flashback structure (by yours truly)

– there are really detailed bios and/or focuses on the roles of Burt Lancaster, Ava Gardner (I wrote that one too), Edmond O’Brien, Charles McGraw, William Conrad, Sam Levene, Jeff Corey, Virginia Christine

-then there are in-depth looks at the artistry of those behind the scenes, like Mark Hellinger, Woody Bredell, Jack Pierce, Richard Brooks, Miklos Rozsa, and more

…and that’s just a sampling of what all’s in this issue; there are images and insights galore… by more writers, more great bloggers than have ever graced the Dark Pages before! It’s truly impressive…

I don’t think any self respecting movie fan can say no to such a thing of beauty, kinda like Swede just couldn’t say no to Kitty. Get this issue and start your ogling, and while you’re at it, why not commit to a whole subscription to Dark Pages?  click right here to learn how to order  and let’s have a giant round of applause for all who contributed.


7 thoughts on “First Look: Dark Pages Giant The Killers Issue”

  1. Kristina, you and the rest of the talented writers responsible for this lollapalooza triumph have outdone yourselves, and I’m not just saying that because I have an article in it about one of my favorite character actors, Sam Levene! 🙂 I’ve been reading this DARK PAGES edition since last night, and every article is terrific! BRAVA to you and all the great writers in this edition, and thanks for letting me play in your garden! 😀

    1. And brava to you, and to everyone in this issue, I really wasn’t exaggerating when I said there were tons of things by many great people, I couldn’t even list them all.

      Like Dorian did above, whoever reads this that has an article in this issue, please say hi in the comments so readers can see what I mean 🙂

        1. you are on to something there! a Round Table talker for classic movie lovers. with rotating blogger rosters… hmmmm.
          i say,

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