First Look: new Dark Pages issue

rackethot off the presses is the very latest issue of the original bi-monthly publication for noir movie fans; here’s what you’ll find in it:

As Senior Writer for this wonderful Noir movie lovers’ publication I love to preview every new issue that comes out, and not just to make you aware of my own writing in it. This issue is extra special to me because, as editor Karen Hannsberry kicks off a year-long celebration of 10 years of Dark Pages’ noir beat, she very kindly chose to talk about and compliment me (even feature some of my artwork!) in her fascinating overview of the first decade of her magazine. I’m so honored by that and really, the admiration is mutual; I’ve had a fantastic time writing regularly for the Dark Pages for almost all its run, and learned a ton more about noir through it all. Her article on the development and growth and best moments of this last decade as the founder and editor of a movie publication is a must read!


So, in recognition of this momentous 10th-iversary, Karen announces in this issue a year long party that includes themed issues all year on femmes fatales, directors, supporting actors, not to mention the annual year end GIANT one-movie issue.

My articles in this issue include my own tribute to and opinion of Dark Pages’ decade of being the first and best Noir movie publication, my regular Deadly is the Screen viewing & DVD/blu release calendar, focusing on The Racket starring Roberts Mitchum and Ryan, plus a movie review.

Other features/writers bring you: a look at Van Heflin, What Really Happened with the Black Dahlia script and Raymond Chandler, a quiz, some very interesting background on George Coulouris and more…

As usual if you’re a noir movie fan, you will enjoy reading Dark Pages, so get your issue or commit to a whole subscription to Dark Pages — click right here to learn how to order in paper or e version.


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    1. thanks, the congrats must go to Karen for the great idea and keeping it going and growing 🙂 I enjoy being part of it for sure

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