Witness for the Prosecution


one of my most favourite movies, on tcm tonight. I wrote a big post about it here

you have no idea how hard it was for me to resist including a gif of that reveal >:D

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7 thoughts on “Witness for the Prosecution”

    1. everytime I watch this movie I see more great stuff and more details I never noticed, and everytime it climbs closer to the top tier of my favs

  1. Kristina, as if LAST EMBRACE didn’t have me happy-hap-happy already, I’m extra thrilled to see you giving lots of love for another of our big-time favorites, WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION, and fresh off the Diamond & Gold Blogathon, too! I LOVE these fabulous GIFs, not to mention the awesome movie itself! BRAVA, my friend, and warmest wishes to you and yours, as always! 😀

    1. Oh those fabulous gifs indeed. They’re great, I found a lot of and almost included Marlene’s big reveal but I resisted. The movie instructed me not to spoil, so I won’t. Thanks!

      1. I hear you, Kristina, and I feel your pain — we all find ourselves itching to spill the beans when it comes to those wonderfully wicked twists! I’m proud of you (heck, and me too! :-)) for keeping those great twists under wraps! It’s so wonderfully worth it, no? 😀 We hope you and yours have a wonderful evening, my friend!

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