The Great Villain Blogathon: Day 2 Wrap-Up


Day 2 of the Great Villain Blogathon has blown through town with some huge names making appearances and leaving behind a trail of devastation; you better count your fingers, your children and your silverware.

Brought to you by Ruth of Silver Screenings,  Karen of Shadows & Satin, and me, Kristina of Speakeasy, the Great Villain Blogathon featured the following Big Bads today; read them before they read you, and follow all week on twitter at #TheGreatVillainBlogathon

“Ming is Dead! Long Live Ming! Oh, Wait…He’s Back” at Captain Video

Girls Do Film gets wicked with The Wizard of Oz: Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West

Film Grimoire covers Death in The Seventh Seal

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is in the spotlight at Lasso the Movies


Classic Movie Man writes on Uncle Charlie aka Joseph Cotten in “Shadow of a Doubt”

Claytonology presents a Rasputin Two-fer : Rasputin and the Empress (1932) & Nicholas and Alexandra (1971)

Imagine MDD gives you an interview with Mrs Danvers from Rebecca, plus some background on the novel & Hitchcock film


Faded Video Labels looks at Hank Quinlan in Touch Of Evil (1958)


OCD Viewer gives you The Lord Humungus in Mad Max 2

and here at Speakeasy, I give you Henry Fonda’s baby blues in Once Upon a Time in the West


many more villains tomorrow…


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    1. Ha, love that, thanks for the group moniker! I can’t wait to make the rounds and check all these out, thanks for taking part

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