Great Villain Blogathon Day 4


Day 4 of the Great Villain Blogathon, brought to you by Ruth of Silver Screenings,Karen of Shadows & Satin, and myself, Kristina of Speakeasy proved unrelenting in its onslaught of offensive behavior! Here are the evildoers that were featured today. Don’t miss any of the fun and tweet along at #TheGreatVillainBlogathon

Mike’s Take on the Movies tells of Eli Wallach, who Before Tuco Was Calvera in The Magnificent 7


Unrequited Love is Possessed by the evil of The Exorcist


Twenty Four Frames makes us all watch; Peeping Tom – A Look at Mark Lewis

The Great Villain Blogathon: The One Ring and Villain in All of Us


The Last Drive In has Two Two Two Glorias, from Sunset Boulevard & Dracula’s Daughter

Gloria Holden as Dracula's DaughterGloria Swanson Norma Desmond

The Sadistic Spouse: Charles Boyer in Gaslight, from the blog Cary Grant Won’t Eat You


Michael Gough in Konga is doing evil at the Hitless Wonder Blog

Bela Lugosi is in The Human Monster over at Movie Lottery

Béla Lugosi as Dr. Feodor Orloff in The Human Monster c. 1939

and that’s not the only lottery! Mildred’s Fatburgers rounds up Three Strangers fighting over their lottery win 


more merciless monsters to come tomorrow…


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