It’s a Wrap! The Great Villain Blogathon


as Christopher Walken would say, Wow.

Wowie. Wow Wow Wow.

The Great Villain Blogathon has far exceeded anything we expected.

Co-hostesses Ruth of Silver Screenings  and  Karen of Shadows & Satin

you were wonderful and a pleasure to work with, taking this fun idea to an actual operational event! Bloggers, you were all fantastic, enthusiastic and creative, choosing villains ranging from the huge and infamous to the important but overshadowed, to the unexpected but thought provoking. In every case we read fascinating profiles of actors or figures that left a mark on movie fans, in some cases possibly literally. From silent to foreign, from animated to political to Shakespearean, whether from teenage nightmares, Hitchcock or comic books, we had a gloriously grotesque assortment of Big Bads brought to life by masterful actors.


Now that the fun has come to a screeching halt, we’re a little sad.

So of course the only prescription is more Villain. We announce right now that The Great Villain Blogathon will be an annual event, so grab your calendars, and get to thinking about what villains didn’t get attention this time around.

Luckily there are endless movie villains still to choose from, and if I know them, they’re probably steaming and plotting revenge and/or mass destruction because they got left out, but they’ll just have to wait till the last week of April 2015.


An event like this is an opportunity to have fun with old blog friends, but should also be about meeting new ones with the same passion for movies; we certainly did that, welcoming many bloggers who have never done a blogathon before. We loved getting to know you and your blog, so don’t be strangers just because this party’s over. And to all, tell a friend so that we have an even bigger feast next time around.


Now let’s have a big round of applause for everyone that took part, you made it a joy to organize, read and share your work. Thanks so much for loving the villains with us.


The full list of 2014 posts is here for your perusal and inspiration.

now we’ll just sit and wait for next April…



27 thoughts on “It’s a Wrap! The Great Villain Blogathon”

    1. thank YOU and join the terrible trio next year! yours is one of the many new blogs i’m glad I discovered, drop in anytime and I’ll do the same

  1. I LOVE the Walken gif… and it gives me chills to know that you’ll be re-hosting this dastardly spectacular event again next April… Thanks for one hell of a good (vs evil) time!!

    1. thank you too, I still haven’t managed to read everything but am pacing myself because it’s all so great! and i can hear all the gears turning for next year’s choices lol. won’t get much knitting done 😀 cheers

    1. so we are the Terrible Trio w a gif queen. I think some better call Tarantino in for this project. I’ll wear the eyepatch. thanks for turning a simple discussion into a fully functioning idea and a PLAN!

      I love it when a plan comes together!

  2. Thanks gals for the wonderful blogathon. I’ve never had so much fun with one, and am already preparing for next year!

    1. it certainly took on a life of its own, yet was more fun the more it rolled on, all thanks to great bloggers like you. glad to hear you are planning ahead! me too

  3. Thank you for hosting this blogathon–my very first! I’m still making my way through the many posts–SO MUCH AWESOMENESS.

    Glad to hear this will be an annual event!

    1. wonderful, I am so happy with it being so many people’s first and also happy that I got to know so many new fellow movie nuts! see you next year and often before then too 🙂 thank you for taking part

  4. It was an honor to be a part of this, Kristina!
    We don’t do movie posts too often over at our place, but this was so much fun we may have to do more of them, if only to stay sharp for next year.

    You (and Ruth, and Karen) did a mind-blowingly impressive job with this, and set a formidable bar for any other blogathon around.
    Take a bow, ladies!

    1. thanks so much for that, and I’m so glad you joined in, had a good time and are inspired to do more movie posts, I hope you do! and hope you join next year and bring a busload of friends too 🙂

  5. So much fun. I will be eventually get through reading all of the posts! =) Thanks for hosting

    1. you and me both! I am totally blown away by the variety of eras, styles and types of villains people thought of, and the posts are fascinating reading, I’m learning something new at each one. Thanks so much!

  6. Ruth, Karen, Kristina, I’m bowled over by your triumphant trio putting together your stupendous Great Villain Blogathon! What a cavalcade of great movie bloggers! I’m even more excited that you gals will be making this an annual event; I’m almost tempted to get a new calendar in advance! 🙂 We of Team Bartilucci enjoyed being part of the fun with our PSYCHO post! Thanks again for a great Blogathon, my friends! 😀

    1. well go run out and buy that calendar or tell google to remind you or pin up some villain photos on your fridge because we want to see you next year (and often before that obviously) and everyone you can drag along to villainfest. Thanks so much for your great post!

  7. Thank you Kristina so much having me participate. You did a great job coordinating it, and it has been a pleasure working with other classic movie lovers as myself. I look forward to the next blogathon, I already have other villains in mind 🙂 Thanks again!

    1. that’s great to hear, I am really glad you joined in and plan to again, the more the merrier 🙂 Thanks for the compliments and for your great post

  8. Thanks guys, like some others this was my first blogathon and it was great fun, with loads of really interesting entries – I’ll definitely be on board for next year!


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