First Look: The Dark Pages’ Femmes Fatales issue


hot off the presses is the very latest Really Big special issue of the original bi-monthly publication for noir movie fans; here’s what you’ll find in it:

Just in case the “femmes fatales” title of this post didn’t tip you off in any way, I am happy to go into further detail. As part of  The Dark Pages’ 10 year anniversary celebration, this issue looks at the lethal ladies of noir movies, and there are some sensational sirens spotlighted, namely:


Audrey Totter in Tension, Jean Simmons in Angel Face, Virginia Mayo in White Heat, Rita Hayworth in The Lady from Shanghai, Marie Windsor in The Killing and also in The City that Never Sleeps, Gloria Grahame in a lot of noirs, Barbara Stanwyck in more than that, Gene Tierney’s Laura, Lizabeth Scott, another top 10 most persuasive femmes, and an overview of the femme that covers more ladies still.



My contribution is on Yvonne De Carlo in Criss Cross (and I also do my usual TCM noir viewing calendar and DVD/blu shopping list).


Why, it’s a World Cup of Wicked Women!

Any noir fan worthy of the name knows the genre is nothing without its fatal females, so this is really a don’t miss issue, with contributors that include some very special guests, and some of your favorite bloggers.


As usual if you’re a noir movie fan, or a fan of noir movie fans who write about noir, you really will enjoy getting and reading The Dark Pages, so get your issue or commit to a whole subscription — click right here to learn how to order in paper or e version.

and if you don’t check this big issue out, Audrey WILL judge you



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14 thoughts on “First Look: The Dark Pages’ Femmes Fatales issue”

    1. Haha I simply had to include that one, even though it’s not from Tension. Don’t tell anybody. This issue is really something, the femmes are popular!

  1. Oh, that’s Audrey as Miss Fromsett expecting to be kissed by Bob Montgomery as Marlowe in Lady In the Lake – she’a annoyed because he doesn’t do the deed!
    The new issue looks awesome.

    1. you give me an idea: name that gif, haha. good job, I kinda cheated since that movie isn’t spotlighted this issue, but I just couldn’t resist 🙂

  2. Good grief! Kristina, Karen, have I been so swamped in recent weeks that I’ve missed an edition of THE DARK PAGES?! Say it ain’t so! I’m looking forward to catching up with your Femme Fatales issue! My favorite is from LADY IN THE LAKE with Audrey Totter NOT being kissed by Robert Montgomery (at least until later in the film)! 😀

    1. I can totally relate to being swamped so don’t feel bad, anyway you’re not late and didn’t miss a thing because you’re here now! this will be a fun issue, I mean I’ve seen it all but haven’t read every word yet but it’s huge and packed full of all these great actresses. best!

      1. Kristina, now I’m pleasantly relieved that I haven’t totally let THE DARK PAGES go by! I’m really looking forward to reading the whole new edition! By the way, in case I haven’t mentioned it, I just love Audrey Totter, and I always have a soft spot for her and LADY IN THE LAKE; sure, I love the classics, but LADY IN THE LAKE’s loopier moments always win my daft little heart! For that matter, I always like to imagine that in MURDER, MY SWEET, Dick Powell and Anne Shirley eventually got married and they used Miles Manders to create a spiffy new office! I’m a kooky dreamer, I know! 🙂 Warmest wishes to you and yours, my friend! 😀

        1. Which reminds me, Kristina: What will upcoming in upcoming Dark Pages? For that matter, I’ve been meaning to write about RIDE THE PINK HORSE, if you’re interested. Let me know. Any way, warmest wishes to you and yours my friend, as always! 😀

          1. The next issue out any day now, is on character actors, then don’t forget the big Mildred Pierce year end spectacular! You can contact Karen to see what’s up with that, I’m sure she’d love to have you join again 🙂 Ride the Pink Horse is ripe for analysis too. Best to you and we’ll talk to you about it some more

            1. Kristina, if you do decide, you’d like to include me, I’d be delighted if you and Karen would be let me in our garden! Please let us know. Even if not, you gals know I always look forward to you and THE DARK PAGES! 😀 In the meantime, thanks, and have a wonderful weekend, my friends!

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