The Picture of Dorian Gray

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The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945)<br />

George Sanders reading Baudelaire in Albert Lewin’s 1945 adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray. This is basically the intersection of everything I love.

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4 thoughts on “The Picture of Dorian Gray”

  1. Kristina, I’m watching THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY as we speak (my first name is has nothing to do with eerie portraits; my mom just thought it was a pretty name :-)). It’s a fascinating film with beautiful production values and a great cast, including one of Team B’s faves, Angela Lansbury! Hope you and yours have a wonderful July 4th weekend, my friend, with you and yours happy and well! 😀

    1. It really is fascinating, one of the creepiest movies I saw as a kid, those images really stick with you! And the cast is great. Happy 4th!

  2. Ack! I missed it! I always try to catch it when it’s on TCM. (See what happens when a person falls behind in their blog reading?) I think this is a movie with a perfect cast.

    Did you ever see the version that came out a few years ago? I could never bring myself to watch it because I love this version so much.

    1. No, which one? Someone on twitter told about the helmut Berger one which is tres risqué. But you’re right, the Hurd one just works, all those great actors. And he had a unique look that fit. That painting sure creeped me out as a kid!

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