Announcing the O Canada Blogathon

this page is now the archive for the amazing event that was the O Canada blogathon 2014. Here you’ll find links to all the posts that were contributed, followed by links to the daily roundups, preview and announcement post after that. Enjoy! 

Riding the High Country follows Errol Flynn in Northern Pursuit

Stardust appreciates the achievements of Norma Shearer

A Person in the Dark looks at Dudley Do-Right and Canadian Manhood

Phantom Empires  has a Mountie double feature: first we go to Fort Vengeance (1953) and then

Dick Powell stars in Mrs. Mike, a simple Canadian Romance

Classic Movie Man sings the praises of Deanna Durbin: Winnipeg’s Sweetheart

Wide Screen World looks at William Shatner through The Devil’s Rain

Caftan Woman tells of Canada’s favourite classic movie host Elwy Yost

Portraits by Jenni describes Canada’s struggle against the Nazis in 49th Parallel

Tales of the Easily Distracted also has a double feature: Two O’Clock Courage and Strange Brew

Rock & Rule: Canada’s Animated Masterpiece rocks it at A Shroud of Thoughts

Mike’s Take on the movies flies with Cagney and the Royal Canadian Air Force in Captains of the Clouds

Critica Retro: Marie Dressler Facts (use translate buttons)

Girls Do Film: Was Florence Lawrence the First Movie Star?

Hitchcock’s World: David Cronenberg’s Videodrome and the Role of Television in Our World

Movies Silently: Mary Pickford is Living “The Dream

The Stop Button: Alfred Hitchcock’s I Confess

Moon in Gemini: The Grey Fox (1982)

Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings: Tyrone Power as the Pony Soldier

Cinematic Catharsis is going off the rails on a Terror Train

Movie Rob tells us of a national hero in The Terry Fox Story

Silver Screenings watches Canada Stealing the Scen(ery) from Buster Keaton in The Railrodder

Speakeasy follows Yvonne De Carlo from Vancouver to a Biblical epic to Mockingbird Lane

Voiceover looks at a big step in Mack Sennett’s career, Tillie’s Punctured Romance (also with the debut of Canada’s Marie Dressler)

The Movie Rat starts a series on Léolo, the story of a boy’s adolescence in Montreal —  continues it in part 2   — part 3 The Word Tamer — Part 4 – Bound by Odor and Light  —   Part 5 – ”Par-ce que moi je rêve, moi je ne le suis pas.” — Part 6 – With His Family in the Common RoomPart 7 – Between Ignorance and Horror and Part 8 – Conclusion: The Ashes of Poetry

The Midnight Palace: Michael Sarrazin’s The Reincarnation of Peter Proud

Thrilling Days of Yesteryear: Niagara

Hitchcock’s World: The Lesson to be Learned in Naked Lunch

History on Film: Passchendaele

Caftan Woman: Alexander Knox

Canadian Cinephile: On Leslie Neilsen – Half-Truths & Fart Jokes

Pamela Fallon Thornley: New Brunswick’s Old Hollywood Connection

Dell on Movies brings you horror from twins Jen & Sylvia Soska: American Mary

Noirish has Canadian wrestler Roddy Piper in Marked Man

Once Upon a Screen looks at Glenn Ford in 3:10 to Yuma 

Shadows and Satin: Norma Shearer in Strangers May Kiss (or, The Dumbbell and The Jackass)

Hitchcock’s World finishes up the Cronenfest with eXistenZ, the original Inception

Forgotten Films: The Changeling

Vienna’s Classic Hollywood: actor John Qualen

Cary Grant Won’t Eat You: My Favorite Canadian: Michael J. Fox

Creme de la Creme: Jewison’s Jewel, The Thomas Crown Affair

The Joy and Agony of Movies: Donald Sutherland

One Track Muse: A Beginner’s Guide to Fay Wray

Loud Green Bird: Atom Egoyan’s Exotica


here are the daily post roundups: Oct 4 /  Oct 5  / Oct 6  /  Oct 7  /  Oct 8  /  Oct 9  

announcment of the prize that was awarded to one of the participants

click this tag to enjoy all the preview galleries leading up to the event

and the original blogathon announcement: 

Sorry to break it to you, but the Hollywood movies you love owe a lot to Canada, and so with glowing hearts as warm as a bowl of piping hot poutine, we announce the O Canada blogathon, to occur over the week of OCTOBER 4 – 9, 2014.


This is your chance to celebrate or even educate yourself and others on just how much Canadians shaped the cinema. Your co-hosts in this tour of cinematic Canada are:

Ruth of Silver Screenings  925screenings [at]

Kristina of Speakeasy  HQ.Kristina [at]

You obviously don’t need to be Canadian to participate, just be a movie lover, because no matter where you come from, you know these people and films, even if you weren’t aware of their heritage. Let’s help you with some suggestions.


A lot of your favourite stars came from the land of the Loonie, people like

  • Norma Shearer
  • Mary Pickford
  • Raymond Burr
  • Rod Cameron
  • Jack Carson
  • Hume Cronyn
  • Glenn Ford
  • Yvonne de Carlo
  • Marie Dressler
  • Douglas Dumbrille
  • Deanna Durbin
  • Michael J. Fox
  • Jonathan Frid
  • Lorne Greene
  • June Havoc
  • Walter Huston
  • John Ireland
  • Ruby Keeler
  • Margot Kidder
  • Gene Lockhart
  • Raymond Massey
  • Leslie Nielsen
  • Walter Pidgeon
  • Christopher Plummer
  • John Qualen
  • Ann Rutherford
  • Alexis Smith
  • Jay Silverheels
  • William Shatner
  • Ned Sparks
  • Donald Sutherland
  • Fay Wray

and many more you can click here to discover, or see a list of silent stars: male, female. You could write a bio or choose a movie (or more than one) that features their talent. Note: if someone is doing a bio, you are still welcome to focus on a specific movie by that same person.

fay nelson


How about the many moviemakers and behind the scenes high achievers like

  • Douglas Shearer
  • Mack Sennett
  • Louis B. Mayer
  • Jack Warner
  • Sidney Olcott
  • David Cronenberg – lots of his movies claimed, check the list below
  • Norman Jewison
  • Arthur Hiller
  • Atom Egoyan

and more like the ones listed here.


Canadian films/productions, any movie with a story/topic relating to Canada, movies prominently set or even shot here are all fair game for this blogathon, including

  • Canadian Pacific
  • River of no Return
  • Canadians
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • The Devil’s Brigade
  • The Immortal Battalion
  • Corvette K225 (and many other war movies involving Canadian military)
  • Island in the Sky
  • Rose Marie
  • Face-Off
  • A Bullet for Joey
  • Black Christmas
  • The Brood
  • The Fly
  • The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
  • Atlantic City
  • Scanners
  • Northwest Trail
  • Zero Hour
  • Saskatchewan
  • Northwest Mounted Police (plus any of the myriad of Mountie movies)

and that’s just for starters…

You may want to write about some aspect of Canada’s impact on the movies, or something unique to the Canadian movie fan’s experience (Elwy Yost, anyone?). If it has to do with Canada & movies, we’d love to have you join in. Yes YOU!


Have a browse through these helpful pages to see more

notable Canadians in Early Hollywood

films set in Canada

We ask that you remember these few rules:

  • No duplicates please, so that we can cover as many eras and products of this vast land as possible
  • we encourage focusing on classics but certainly won’t exclude picks from the 80’s and 90’s, a great time for Canadian film
  • you don’t need to choose a specific date to post, just please do so starting on the 4th through the 9th

now put on your thinking toques and let us know what you wish to write about so we can add you to the list. leave a comment below or use the emails above


Once again, this event will unfold over the week of OCTOBER 4 – 9, 2014

here’s some text to paste into your post:


This post is part of the O Canada Blogathon hosted by Ruth of Silver Screenings and Kristina of Speakeasy


That’s right Edna, here are your banners, now take off, eh 😉

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79 thoughts on “Announcing the O Canada Blogathon”

  1. Oh wow, this is awesome. It’s a bit ironic that as a Canadian, I still have yet to really do anything related to Canadian cinema so I’d love to participate. Personally I wouldn’t mind doing something on Cronenberg if it’s at all possible.

    1. great! we’ll put you down as “something”, and when you decide which one(s) just update us– glad to have you join in

      1. Alright, this is going to be a hard one. I’ll have to go through his movies and make some sort of decision.

        If it is of any help I do know one other Canadian film I might also be able to do if I have time. It’s a dark comedy from 2004 called “Wilby Wonderful” (in fact I even took a screenwriting class with one of its executive producers) with a pile of great Canadian actors (this might be the one time you’ll see Canadian actress Ellen Page actually playing a Canadian). Definitely a lot of fun if you get the chance.

    1. great! so far Riptide and Strangers May Kiss are spoken for, so a bio or any other movie(s) are open thanks for joining in!

  2. Could I shyly offer to do Whispering City (1947)? I covered it in the Encyclopedia, of course, but it’d be fun to have the opportunity to treat it more expansively.

  3. I’d love to participate–I’ve been meaning to watch I Confess again for ages… I may even do two (if that’s all right), with something like Scanners or Black Christmas?

    1. Scanners might be claimed, but I can put you down for I confess for sure and then update you on the other, Thanks for joining!

  4. Ruth, my husband was born in Canada, so I’m especially delighted to hear about your swell O Canada Blogathon! If it’s not already spoken for, could I please blog about TWO O ‘CLOCK COURAGE? for your swell Blogathon? If not, I’ll still be happy to enjoy this Blogathon, as always!

      1. Hooray and many thanks, my friend! I’m tickled pink — or should I say red, to salute the Mounties? 😀 I’m also happy that you and our mutual pal Ruth have joined for this awesome Blogathon! By the way, I’m pleased to see HUDSON’S BAY, because will be in it, too, because it’s one of my favorite Laird Creger movies; it’s nice to see Our Man Laird getting a chance to show his funny side with Laird and Paul Muni (today’s Summer Under the Stars spotlight star)! Brava to you brilliant ladies!

  5. Drat. Someone already snagged Shatner. I’d like to write about Ned Sparks in some of his 1933 pictures: 42nd STREET, GOLDIGGERS OF 1933, and LADY FOR A DAY. Would that work?

  6. Ok, I’ve decided – please can I write about Florence Lawrence? Probably an overarching bio that looks at her life and her legacy.
    Thank you!

  7. I would like to write about Good Riddance (Les Bons Debarras). It’s a 1979 French Canadian film directed by Francis Mankiewicz. I was invited by a friend to a U.S. exhibitors screening of the film and never forgot it. In fact, I was just thinking about it the other day! Must have had a psychic impression. 🙂 Very happy to find out I can rent it on iTunes and see it again.

  8. Reblogged this on and commented:
    check out The O’ Canada blogathon that will be going on in October. Perhaps some of you guys might be interested in joining in

  9. I’ve had time to re-watch the four Cronenberg films I’ve volunteered to write on, but there’s been a few complications and things haven’t gone quite the way I’d hoped. Would it be okay if I took off Eastern Promises and just kept Videodrome, eXistenZ, and Naked Lunch?

      1. No problem. It was just that I had some trouble managing everything and with Eastern Promises I was having some trouble finding any good material to work with. I figured taking it off, at least it will be open for someone who has some idea what to say about it.

  10. Hi, I would want to join and write about the films of Claude Jutra: the Devil’s Toy, Mon oncle Antoine, and a couple more. Like a post a day during the blogathon.

    1. Wow that’s great! I will add you to the list and just let us know later on which films in addition to the ones you named, thanks so much for joining up!

      1. Er, this is embarrassing but it is my first blogathon, and I think I may have made a mistake. I already wrote about Passchendaele in a different review. Is it okay if I use some of the same material in my post for this blogathon? If not, I will write about Northwest Passage instead.

  11. I’d like to participate with a review of The Peanut Butter Solution (1985), if it is possible. I am actually surprised this collective nightmare of a whole generation of children has not been chosen yet. 🙂

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