O Canada Blogathon: Oct. 8 roundup


Today’s posts about Canadian cinema and movie people are truly diverse: horror, western, action, and a dysfunctional family tale, brought to you by a star and a director from Quebec, twin female directors, and a pro wrestling star. Read on and enjoy…

Dell on Movies brings you horror from twins Jen & Sylvia Soska: American Mary

Movie Rat continues the series of posts on  Léolo with Part 4 – Bound by Odor and Light and Part 5 – ”Par-ce que moi je rêve, moi je ne le suis pas.”

Noirish has Canadian wrestler Roddy Piper in Marked Man

Once Upon a Screen looks at Glenn Ford in 3:10 to Yuma 

Thanks to the good (and very Canadian) folks at The National Film Board of Canada (NFB), one lucky blogathon participant will receive a DVD of Sarah Polley’s film Stories We Tell. A winner will be selected by way of a random draw from bloggers who post within the blogathon period.

Many thanks to the NFB!




5 thoughts on “O Canada Blogathon: Oct. 8 roundup”

  1. Yikes! And I’ve only remembered just now, a day late, to add the link from my post to the Blogathon, plus a logo. Mea culpa. *user hangs head in shame*

  2. Hi! I have just finished a blog post on Norman Jewison’s “The Thomas Crown Affair”. I had to cancel my participation in the O Canada blogathon, for several reasons. I have no idea how it’s done, but if you would like my post as a last-minute addition, feel free to take it. It’s on my Facebook page as well as FlickChick’s Movie Playground.

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