O Canada Blogathon: Oct. 9 Roundup


4 thoughts on “O Canada Blogathon: Oct. 9 Roundup”

  1. This was a lot of fun, although I’m sorry I couldn’t complete the original plan and get Eastern Promises in there as well. Thanks for hosting this exciting event.

    If it’s any interest I’m planning a few blogathons of my own. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the sneak peaks I’ve been posting for one of them on Twitter. I haven’t disclosed much information about it but I’m planning it as a way of celebrating the release of Interstellar. I’ve also been thinking about running a blogathon about gays on film in December. Wendell Ottley also has a crazy horror-themed bogathon you might enjoy: http://dellonmovies.blogspot.ca/2014/10/the-slasher-cast-thon.html

    1. Ok, (see now this makes sense, I’m catching up on comments) sounds good, like to join these whenever I can. And, hint hint, if we do another of these next year (very likely) you can always revisit the Cronenbergs you didn’t manage this time.

  2. It’s the final day of the O Canada blogathon

    Hard to believe — and hard to believe it was so short! Next time make it ten or twelve days, not just six!

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