The Return of Film Book Talk

You (kind of) asked for it 😉 so here it is. Since fellow blogger Mike and I have way more than the three favourite books we spotlighted in the first video, we have returned with a few more picks old and new to talk about. Welcome, walk this way to my library and join us as we talk books, the importance of indexes, fashions and apple crates.

Please head on over to Mike’s Take on the Movies to see his full post

Feel free to ask any questions about the books, we obviously love to talk about them.

Here’s the first video.



14 thoughts on “The Return of Film Book Talk”

    1. Haha! No we won’t wait and I dare say our video would probably be better than G3. Already thinking of the next books or whatever subject. Thank you, for the idea, these are fun.

  1. I have all of the books you recommended, and Peter Bogdanovich’ volumes really stand out. Great interviews with some of the greatest actors and film directors. I was at his @BFI / Guardian Interview live at the NFT and his approach, ideas and anecdotes were truly inspirational. He was incredibly funny while impersonating some of the Hollywood’s legendary actors, reminding us of his early Actor’s Studio days.

      1. Absolutely! I had some of them since the 80’s. It was truly sad to learn that one of the writers ended up as a missing person at the end of his life. Mr Bogdanovich’ books I use as a reference guide on everyday basis.

        Indeed it was! He was interviewed live on stage by Clive James who was equally entertaining.

        The event was a part of The Guardian Interviews at the NFT (now BFI Southbank ) and you can read its full transcript here

    1. That’s amazing, you are a kindred spirit and why not do a video of your own! It’s funny you mention his impressions because we were discussing those as we prepped the video, must have been a great thing to experience his knowledge and love of the subjects live. Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out and stop to comment 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for your very kind words. Indeed, Mr Bogdanovich was truly delightful when impersonating Howard Hawks, James Stewart, Alfred Hitchcock and Orson Welles. You can read the full transcript here On stage he was interviewed by Clive James, who was equally entertaining. I’ll ask the BFI Archive guys if they also have it on video, as the impersonations really become alive when viewed in real time. I am certain that he would have been a great actor had he pursued it as a career in addition to his works as director.

        1. Thanks for that link and for dropping in again, do make a habit of it. I also saw Bogdanovich a couple weeks back in the Edgar Ulmer documentary that was on TCM. Always interesting to see him add his thoughts on anything movies.

  2. Very impressive library there and you guys did a nice job highlighting the variety of books. If there’s a part 3, I’ll be watching.

    1. Thanks Colin, glad you enjoyed, it’s not only fun to chat about and share books we go to a lot, but it’s also a great excuse to browse through and sort the library as well. So often you find things you own that you haven’t opened for ages & rediscover.

  3. These are terrific! Yes, as part of your fandom, I am clamouring for another episode.

    I am VERY tempted to do some online shopping today for the fashion design book plus the two Peter Bogdanovich books.

    1. haha! well this is news to me, a fandom! So flattered, thank you. So was it my recreation of the Wendy’s Soviet fashion show commercial that sold you on that book? lol. (here it is, if you’re wondering ) Seriously, so glad you find something that interests you, that’s the point, who better to recommend stuff than movie fans to each other. The author of that fashion one is Margaret Bailey, btw. Thanks so much for watching! I’m (we both are) your fan too!


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