I’m a Guest on The Forgotten Filmcast


Discussing a really good but neglected Fritz Lang picture

If you follow this blog regularly, maybe you were able to pick up on the theme for the posts for the past week: John Carradine, Joan Bennett, Roddy McDowall, and a noir directed by the great Fritz Lang.

That was all a tease and lead-up to this: I am a guest on the latest episode of the Forgotten Filmcast podcast hosted by Todd Liebenow. We discussed Fritz Lang’s 1941 movie Man Hunt, talked about lots of things including the making of the movie, the stars, cool scenes, sources and remakes and much more, so please give it a listen, and check out the show regularly, always an entertaining podcast.

Click here for more details and listening links for Forgotten Filmcast ep 42 Man Hunt.



There are no major spoilers so you can safely listen if you haven’t seen the movie. Man Hunt was a fine pick for a forgotten picture since I, big Lang fan that I am claim to be, only recently discovered and reviewed it as part of the monthly Mad Challenge.


Forgotten Filmcast Ep 42: Man Hunt


6 thoughts on “I’m a Guest on The Forgotten Filmcast”

    1. Wow thanks so much, how does George’s song go, what the woman can’t do can’t be done, haha. Not that I would ever say such a thing about me! mind you, it just reminded me of that… Thanks for checking it out and for the compliments, much appreciated, glad you recommended this movie to me too. 🙂

    1. That’s great to hear! Thanks so much and I have to say if it’s half as much fun to listen as I had chatting with Todd then it’s all good 🙂 great host (as you know ) and I had a swell time.

      1. Todd is such a good host. You can throw any genre of film at him, and he comes to the interview prepared and enthusiastic. I hope he remembers us little people when his show is picked up by a multi-national media conglomerate.

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