10 Classics for 2015


For the past several years Laura of Miscellaneous Musings’ fame has made a list of films she commits to watching (links to her 2014 list) that year, movies that are considered essentials or that help fill gaps in certain genres or areas of cinema. I’ve always loved the idea, followed the lists with interest and, seeing how other bloggers have been inspired to join her with their own lists, I thought it would be fun to finally do one myself this year.

I started with almost 30, and of course I’ll try to see many of the ones I relegated to the bench too. From the many that have been repeatedly recommended to me, and ones I think I probably should have seen by now, I tried to include a wide range of countries, cover many genres and types of directors and hit all the decades I consider classic.

Here are my 10 for 2015:

SUNRISE (1927)










MARTY (1955)


RIFIFI (1955)  substituted Bob le flambeur (1956)







Following Laura’s practice I’ll update this post through the year with links to my reviews. Should make for an even more interesting viewing year!

Feel free to leave any thoughts on my selections, but no spoilers please.


25 thoughts on “10 Classics for 2015”

    1. Thanks, i had been reading much about Bigger than Life and your recommend of it recently pretty much guaranteed it would be in my near future.

  1. So many films out there to catch up on year in and year out. I wold also like to see rififi. Most surprised that you haven’t seen Marty. Pretty sure I have steered you to Ulzana in the past and hope you enjoy it.

    1. That’s right Ulzana I’ve had a few friends recommend including you, so I look forward to it, plus filling in any gaps from Burt is a good thing (I have some Newman and Kirk on the ‘bench’ that were almost on this list. Maybe for a challenge?) Marty is a big one I should see. Cheers

  2. A good-looking list! Wages of Fear and High and Low would seem to be the standouts of the ones here that I’ve seen, although A Matter of Life and Death is very fine too. It always amuses me how many people on this side of the Atlantic don’t know the movie; in the UK it can almst seem hard to escape it, it’s such a staploe on TV.

    And, er, I didn’t enjoy Marty . . .

    *user runs and hides*

    1. Ha! No need to hide, the world would be a dull place if we all liked the same things, so that never bothers me. High and Low is one that I increasingly see raved aboutand ranked high, and crime is my fav genre, so I’m very curious.

      Good to hear everybody sees some treasures on my list, you’re all making me more excited to dig in!

  3. You’ll love getting into those Powell and Pressburger classics. “High and Low”, and Mifune, is definitely draw you into its world.

    The first time I saw “Sunrise” was on the big screen. If that is a possibility for you, wait for it. It is glorious.

    1. Wow sounds amazing, as I say all these reactions and people pointing out different gems on my list is only making me more excited to get started on them. Thank you!

    1. Yes you should! Not my idea but I’m happy to help spread it around as its a great one. Already having fun with it and haven’t even started watching the movies yet! Thanks for stopping by

  4. Hi Kristina,

    I love this post and your list, and thanks so much for the very nice mention at the outset!!!

    Loved your list — I saw RIFIFI last year and it really blew me away so I’m curious to hear how it strikes you. As I mentioned on Twitter, I’ve also got THE SMILING LIEUTENANT on my list! My dad is a big fan of that one. I’ll be posting my list in a few days — trying to get my last couple titles seen from ’14 written up first! (Including SUNRISE!)

    Very curious to hear what you think of THE RED SHOES, that’s a Powell-Pressburger I haven’t seen it.

    Happy movie watching!

    Best wishes,

    1. This is a great idea you’ve had and stuck to, and I love that others join you. I was definitely influenced with a few of these as I saw others like you discover things that appeal to me. Sunrise especially seems like an essential I should finally see, silents are not an area I know well beyond horror and comedy. And that’s a funny coincidence about Smiling Lieutenant! was recommended to me as well and seemed a nice one to have amongst the crime and drama. Thanks and best!

  5. Sounds like you have some exciting viewing ahead. I’m sure you will love A Matter of Life and Death.

    1. Another vote for that one, someone I know says that is their all time fav movie so I am really curious about it. we shall see! Thanks for dropping by

  6. Yet it is not part of my resolution, I also want to watch The Blue Angel this year!
    The Red Shoes is SOOOOO marvelous! The images never left my mind, and I can recall them perfectly, even though I saw the film more than five years ago.
    I already watched Ulzana’s Raid and it was kind of “meh”. It’ll be on TV again next week so maybe I’ll give it another try!

    1. I love hearing what people think of these, The Red Shoes sounds great and even the images I’ve seen so far look stunning so I can see what you mean. Interested to see what you think of Blue Angel, I like Dietrich but somehow never got to that one. Thanks for the visit!

      1. Among other great films, you gals have have remind me that I must revisit THE WAGES OF FEAR! Thanks for reminding me! (As a kid, my big brother playfully quipped it was “The Wages of Fleer.” 😀 (Yep, we’re a goofy bunch here at Team Bartilucci HQ!)

        1. The Wages of Fleer, about the existential torture of working at a trading card company… Hopefully you’ll catch up with it again this year, if so drop by and let me know when I check it out for the first time.


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