Film Books We Rely On, Volume 3


…or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and love Crime Movies.

It’s another episode of Film Book Talk where Mike’s Take on the Movies and I discuss some of our favourite books.

This time our theme is Crime, and we came up with a great range of books that cover the characters, history, themes and actors in crime films.

Books discussed:
Gunmen & Gangsters, Michael Schlossheimer
He Ran All the Way: The Life of John Garfield, Robert Nott
Prison Pictures from Hollywood, James Robert Parish
Crime Movies, Carlos Clarens
The Detective in Film, William K. Everson
Hardboiled Hollywood, Max Décharné


27 thoughts on “Film Books We Rely On, Volume 3”

  1. What fun! I really enjoyed the video, and I hope you two make plenty more! Since I love noir and crime films, I now want to track down these books you discussed and give ’em a read. I do have two questions: do you shoot a bunch of these back-to-back and make wardrobe changes, or do you both fly to Cairo or some other exotic locale and shoot one video per month, using whatever studio set is available?

    1. Yes! the answer to those is yes, lol. And how about that simulated bookshelf wallpaper, looks real doesn’t it? Thanks, glad you find it fun, that’s the aim and hopefully help movie fans find books that are worth looking for and reading. We plan to do more!

  2. Maybe we should head over to Cairo, do a video and be sure to include a book on Peter Lorre as Joel Cairo. From there the discussion could go in any direction. Problem is we’ll need a budget. 😦

  3. Omigosh, I have so much to say, I don’t know where to begin. First of all, those weren’t real books?! Color me dumbfounded. I was all, “I wish MY collection looked like THAT!” LOL. I’m so easily duped. Anyway — another great segment, y’all. I can’t believe there’s a James Parrish book I don’t have, and that Hardboiled book looks really interesting. Loved the ending — y’all crack me up. I look forward to the next installment!

    1. Am I that good at deadpan? Yes that’s my actual library, in fact you can spy something you gave me on the shelves 🙂 thanks for checking it out and glad we found some books you didn’t know you needed in your collection. You should do one of these yourself sometime! Cheerio

  4. Bravo! Well done! Loved the “Claudette Colbert” conclusion – made me laugh out loud.

    Okay, here’s what we need:
    1. A logo and a brand story.
    2. Glossy 8×10″ headshots (autographed).
    3. Theme music.
    4. An agent.
    5. Guest appearances on Kimmel and Fallon.

    1. I think you just got yourself hired as number 3 with this plan. For theme music, I’m thinking the Tomato Song by Stompin Tom. 🙂 thanks so much, glad you had fun watching it and hope you got some book ideas!

  5. I always watch you guys and end up going straight to Amazon to put used books in my cart. 🙂 I have so many Parish books and never heard of the one he did on prison pictures! And I don’t have the Everson either…

    Thanks for doing this! So much fun 🙂

    Best wishes,

    1. Excellent! Now you give me the idea we should get an Amazon affiliate thingy set up to make that even easier. I borrowed the Parish Prison one from my co-host to give it a look through myself. Thanks for watching and glad these seem to be enjoyable for everybody, we sure have fun doing them.

    1. You know that Gunmen book must be doubly good since we both picked it! Love the books that cover those poor folks who never get their own volumes. Thanks for watching and glad you enjoyed!

  6. What a collection of books! If the film doesnt get made,you could open a film bookshop.
    Haven’t read any of these books. Think I’ll start with the Garfield.

    1. That’s a great one to start on and thanks for watching and for the compliments. Most of all I love the yard sale/thrift shop finds not just because they’re easy on the wallet but also you feel like you saved an orphaned book and gave it a nice home 🙂

    1. Citadels are an addiction once you get to a certain number, I’m still on the lookout for many more. And as much as I love technology there’s no substitute for the memory attached to acquiring each book at special places like that. Thanks for watching!

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