Announcing the Great Villain Blogathon 2015!


The event is over, and this page has been updated with all related links, so come back anytime to relive the villany. 

You can scroll way down this page for the full list of 2015 posts, or visit these fully illustrated daily recaps: 

Apr 13 recap

Apr 14 recap 

Apr 15 recap

Apr 16 recap 

Apr 17 recap 

Wrap-up and Thank You post!

here’s the original announcement from Feb 2015:

The first Great Villain Blogathon in 2014 was such a fun and huge event that, in the tradition of the greatest movie villains, we threatened promised to return and wreak havoc again with another event celebrating cinema’s biggest cretins.


We cordially invite you to participate in the Great Villain Blogathon 2015. Pick a movie villain to write about and join us in this dissection of the dastardly and depraved, this survey of the stinking and spiteful, this audit of hateful and heinous characters.

Your hosts are Ruth of Silver Screenings, Karen of Shadows & Satin and Kristina of Speakeasy, and The Great Villain Blogathon happens APRIL 13 – 17, 2015.


You may write on any Big Bad from any era, country and genre, whether they were dictators, outlaws, criminals, politicians, mistresses, monsters, slashers, gangsters, mama’s boys, hammy and backstabbing actresses, artificial intelligence, aliens, wicked stepmothers, or any other type of evildoer.

No duplicates please, there are more than enough villains to go around, but villains that were covered last year are fair game.


This year, instead of leaving a comment or sending an email to signup, we present you with this handy form. Make a first choice and an alternate just in case someone already put the finger on your #1 villain before we manage to update the roster (if that happens you’ll be contacted to go with choice 2).

You’ll also be asked for your blog details, a date you’ll post and your email. Be assured that your email is for contact purposes only and will not be made public.

Note: If you plan on doing two posts, please fill out and submit a separate form for each, so we have a clear record of your different topics and dates.

*the form is closed


Help yourself to any of the gorgeous banners in this post, put it on your blog, start spending time with your chosen villain(s) and thanks for joining us. See you APRIL 13 – 17 !



Nitrate Diva looks at Walter Huston’s evil in Kongo (1932) 

Margaret Perry examines the Great Cinematic Villainy of Richard III 

A Person in the Dark looks at the “misunderstood” Mrs Iselin (Angela Lansbury) in The Manchurian Candidate.

Caftan Woman show us how Raymond Burr throws his weight around in Pitfall.

Moon in Gemini discusses the beautiful cinematography of The Conformist and its disturbing “protagonist” (Marcello Clerici).

Girls Do Film examines Fatal Attraction, and the über 1980s femme fatale, Glenn Close.

Movie Movie Blog Blog features the purely villainous Judge Claude Frollo in Disney’s underratedThe Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Two Heads are Better Than One tells us why we can never trust birds again with The Birds.

CineMaven’s Essays from the Couch scrutinizes Peggy Cummins’ hold over John Dall in Gun Crazy.

Le Mot du Cinephiliaque analyzes the complexity of Jack Nicholson’s character in The Shining.

Shadows and Satin investigates the stages of Veda’s Villainy (Ann Blyth) in Mildred Pierce.

Now Voyaging profiles the smart and suave radio crime investigator Claude Rains in The Unsuspected.

The Stop Button examines the wealth of material available to villains in The Maltese Falcon.

Queerly Different looks at Artemisia from “300: Rise of an Empire”

ZEN AND Π writes about Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Speakeasy tries to figure out Dan Duryea’s Waco Johnny Dean in Winchester ’73

Everything Noir dares to check out Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct

Blockbuster Nostalgia brings you Charles Muntz from Pixar’s Up

stars and letters looks at Vincent Price: the man behind the villain

Wide Screen World trains X-ray vision on the Villains of Superman II

Silver Screenings tells you about Fred MacMurray in The Caine Mutiny tells about the dirty deeds of The Invisible Man:

Movies Silently has the low-down on Ford Sterling in A Muddy Romance:

Mike’s Take On the Movies delves into Ernest Borgnine’s villainy in Emperor of the North:

Flights, Tights and Movie Nights tells all about the Top 10 Batman Movie Villains:

Flickin’ Out knows what makes Bruno Antony tick in Strangers on a Train:

Frisco Kid at the Movies reveals why Noah Cross is a bad, bad man in Chinatown

Criterion Blues has the skinny on the villainy of The Blob:

The Last Drive-In looks at the misdeeds of Vincent Price in Dragonwyck and Robert Montgomery in Night Must Fall:

B Noir Detour has the 411 on Richard Widmark’s bad-boy roles in Kiss of Death, Night and the City, and No Way Out:

No Nonsense with Nuwan Sen discusses the villainy of Juhi Chawla in Gulaab Gang:

Silver Scenes tells us all about the ghastly scheme concocted by George Brougham in The List of Adrian Messenger:

Sister Celluloid explains how somebody can be so good looking on the outside and so bad on the inside in Duel in the Sun!

Wolffian Classics Movie Digest delves into the badness of Harry Lime in The Third Man.

The Vintage Cameo defends the much-maligned Lina Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain.

Critica Retro presents a comprehensive ranking of Disney Villains.

Cinematic Catharsis introduces us to the 10 million year-old Princess Dragon in Infra-Man.

Make Mine Criterion probes at real-life murders in the British flick The Flesh and the Fiends.

Another Old Movie Blog discusses a suave Rumanian villain in Watch on the Rhine.

Imagine MDD analyzes what makes a good villain with AFI 50 Greatest Film Villains.

Cary Grant Won’t Eat You reviews the pre-Mean Girls The Heathers of Heathers.

Nitrate Glow analyzes Lawrence Olivier’s winter of discontent in Richard III.

Chasing Destino asks, Can villains Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn be BFFs?

Zen and Pi mourns Kill Bill‘s Lucy Liu as O-Ren Ishii.

Back to the Viewer waxes poetic about Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker. 

The Wonderful World of Cinema looks at an early Steven Spielberg made-for-TV movie, Duel.

Mildred’s Fatburgers explores the art (underlying terror) of The Black Narcissus.

Barry Bradford cross-examines James Mason in the courtroom drama, The Verdict.

CJC Leach discusses Trevor Howard’s cad-like behavior in Brief Encounter:

Prowler Needs a Jump tells us about the irresistibly bad Stanley in In This Our Life:

Aurora’s Gin Joint scares us with insights about Harry Powell in Night of the Hunter:

Random Pictures goes to pieces over Victor Frankenstein in Flesh for Frankenstein:

Font and Frock delves into the deeds of Valerie Hobson and Stewart Granger in Blanche Fury:

Portraits by Jenni knows that Ma Jarrett isn’t as kindly as she looks in White Heat:

Tales of the Easily Distracted tells us why Nick Ferraro is not a guy to play with in His Kind of Woman:

Ramblings of a Cinephile reveals the scary and disturbing Idi Amin in The Last King of Scotland:

Movie Classics shows that Anton Walbrook and Charles Boyer were both pretty awful fellas in Gaslight:

A Shroud of Thoughts takes a look at the many faces of Blofield in the James Bond series:

The Filmatelist discusses the evil that is Voldemort in the Harry Potter series:

Phyllis Loves Classic Movies examines the evil twins played by Bette Davis and Olivia deHavilland in A Stolen Life and The Dark Mirror:

Dell on Movies explains the villainy of Batman in The Dark Knight:

Movie Fan Fare takes a look at Walter Brennan in The Westerner and My Darling Clementine:

In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood exposes the bad side of Bette Davis in In This Our Life:

And Outspoken and Freckled waxes poetic about the charming villainy of Hans Landa in Inglourious Basterds:


117 thoughts on “Announcing the Great Villain Blogathon 2015!”

  1. FANCY SCHMANCY FORM!!! I’m happy you decided to return with this tribute to evil! Submitted my form. Do I wait for confirmation on topic and date?

    Once Upon a Screen

  2. Glad to see the 2015 villain Blogathon coming! I’d love to blog about either Strangers on a Train, or if it’s already spoken for, Raymond Burr in His Kind of Woman! We’re all looking forward to it! 😀

  3. Kristina, much as I love STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, this time I think I’ll shake things with HIS KIND OF WOMAN, with its delightful blend of suspense and zany loopy characters, starring Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Vincent Price, and the truly deranged evil villain, Raymond Burr before be became TV’s PERRY MASON! Looking forward to it all! 😀

  4. Oh wow, this should be good to get involved with. I remember last year stumbling across it just after it ended, and to make things even more ironic I had published what would have been a perfect submission a few days earlier. Well, if you count that article I’ve already done Frank Booth from Blue Velvet. Now I got to think about some others.

    I probably won’t be able to start on anything until April (school’s keeping me busy right now) but I’ll have to start thinking of great villains to write about and analyze. I have been watching a lot of action movies recently, perhaps there’s a good villain in one of those. Oh, boy this is going to be difficult.

    1. It is tough, I am still waffling on mine and will try to do two. The more the merrier, so hope you can join in! Get to thinking hard and see what you can come up with. Thanks!

  5. Last year I promised: “I’ll be back!”… and here I am.
    This time I picked Forest Whitaker’s portrayal of Idi Amin (Last King of Scotland), which was mind blowing.

      1. Kristina, when it comes to Blogathons, I usually like my blog posts on a Friday or a Saturday when possible. Which of these would work best for you? In any case, I’m glad to join the fun for the new Villain Blogathon! 😀

          1. Works for me, Kristina! Thanks for including me in the fun, and have a great evening and a swell weekend! Warmes wishes to you and yours, as always! 😀

            1. Kristina, thanks a million for giving me the Friday 17th slot for HIS KIND OF WOMAN! You’re a a sugar bowl with 2 handles, my friend! Many thanks; looking forward to the wonderfully wicked Blogathon! 😀

      2. I finally submitted the form. I hope you don’t mind, I chose a Bollywood movie (Juhi Chawla as corrupt politician Sumitra Devi in ‘Gulaab Gang’ (2014), which is based on a true story), for I wanted to do something different, as you’ve mentioned that the film could be from ‘any country’. I haven’t got an alternate choice, as I am pretty sure, nobody has chosen to do her.

  6. I can’t believe it’s time for the second annual villain blogathon! Last year’s was the first blogathon I ever participated in. So psyched for this year!

  7. Reblogged this on Part Time Monster and commented:
    The Great Villain blogathon is back!

    Last year, I posted about Hannibal Lecter. This year, I’ll be tackling Victor Frankenstein and his creature. Check out the other great blogs participating, too, and join in the fun!

    1. sorry, forgot to say: can you please put your info in the signup form, so we have contact info etc. no need for an alternate for yours 🙂 thanks!

          1. Thanks, Kristina! It was the first Hitchcock film I ever watched, and I’ve been suspicious of our feathered friends ever since.

            And thrilled to join in the fun once again…. 😉

  8. Uhhh boy. I see that most folks submitted requests back in February. Am I too late to join the villainy? I wanted to write a lovely little lady named Annie Laurie Starr of “Gun Crazy.” If I am too late, let me know. But if I’m NOT too late, she might fit right in with gals like Catherine Trammell, Sister Ruth and the Heathers…

    1. You are NOT late! People can join up to the very last minute so please do sign up, we’d love to have you and GUN CRAZY is an awesome pick. Thanks!!!

      1. WHEW!! Well count me in for “Gun Crazy” I filled out your form already. And look, keep your head low. Annie Laurie Starr comes out shootin’!!!! Thank you for including me. I’ll be ready. And I look forward to reading these very interesting entries! Thank you, Kristina!

          1. Even with HIS KIND OF WOMAN already on GUN CRAZY, I know it’ll be one wild and crazy ride, Kristina! 😀 Have a great day, my friend! 😀

  9. I feel absolutely awful about doing this to you (especially after all the work you’ve put in) but I will unfortunately be unable to contribute to this Blogathon. I’ve been swamped by work deadlines and I just won’t have enough time to contribute something worthy of the film I have chosen. Thank you so much for allowing me to participate- I feel awful that I can’t contribute 😦


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