The Great Villain Blogathon: It’s a Wrap


The Great Villain Blogathon 2015 was exceptional.

The subject of this event may have been villainy, but there were nothing but heroes participating in and supporting The Great Villain Blogathon 2015.

In this second year of the event, the amount of enthusiasm, posts and subjects covered, went far beyond anything we expected. This time the twitter support (just go look at #GreatVillainBlogathon) was so impressive that it deserves a special thanks to the people who worked hard to spread the word and share everyone’s writing, we all really appreciate it!

Your hosts, Kristina of Speakeasy, Ruth of Silver Screenings and Karen of Shadows & Satin, think of each other as the best partners in crime anyone could ask for! It’s a joy to plan and organize such a giant party with these ladies. We learned a lot and are already planning things to make next year even bigger and better. Maybe we’ll even have t-shirts made!

The biggest thanks of all must go to the huge number of bloggers who joined us this year! We loved hearing your choices and then reading and sharing your work. We got to know lots of new people and welcomed some first-time blogathon participants, hope you all had fun and will join us and other blogathons in the future. And you should all be proud to know that we heard from tons of readers who were excited about finding all these new blogs, fellow movie lovers and good writers to follow. Maybe evil does pay after all?

A round of applause for all of you for making this event such a massive success!


In this year’s posts, male villains outnumbered females 2:1, there were 3 non-humans (blobs, birds and a truck), and Raymond Burr and Bette Davis were the most popular actors. We were visited by cretins from Bond, Harry Potter, high school, history and many comic book universes, and other movies of every era and genre. A second year went by with nobody daring to talk about Darth Vader; maybe next time one of you chickens will work up the nerve.

The Great Villain Blogathon will be back same time next year, so make a note in your calendars now, it’s never too soon to start thinking about which nasty nogoodnik you’ll write about. The ones who got left out this time will no doubt be fuming and plotting revenge until next April:

ronanclaire palance alien fiorentino cochran robin

(well, some might be too busy admiring themselves to plot revenge)

This page, the original 2015 announcement, has been updated to archive all the daily recaps and all the post links for you to bookmark and enjoy anytime, and any bloggers who post after this will be added to that list.

Thanks again everybody, you were wicked good. See you next April…



28 thoughts on “The Great Villain Blogathon: It’s a Wrap

  1. Well, I did have a few good ideas for possible villains. If I didn’t have to worry about finishing those essays and my final exams I might have had time to write some of them up. I had been wondering about Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom from Con Air or Anton Chigurh from No Country For Old Men. Maybe next year I’ll have a bit more time for it.

    Still, at least all this is almost over. I’ve got one more exam next week, and then I’m pretty much done. I know I should be able to get involved with the Beach Party Blogathon, in which I’ll have to finds something on All is Lost. I’d have to see how my schedule holds up, but I might be able to do one or two other films for that as well if I have time (I’ve got a summer class, so no promises). Maybe I can find something a bit more optimistic to go with the “party’ theme. I don’t know.

    Also, nice Hans Gruber gif. He would probably have also been a good submission for this blogathon.

    1. Save your villain ideas and maybe you want to/are able to do more than one next year! All the ones you named are interesting, there’s no shortage of them. I’m kind of surprised nobody did Chigurh actually (or Hans, come to think of it!). Looking forward to seeing what you do for the Beach Party, that’ll be a fun break for you after all the exams 🙂 cheers

  2. This was my first Blogathon and it was quite frankly a blast. Are they all this much fun?

    The three hosts and curators went well above and beyond. Not only did I get to know them better through the blogs and social media, but I found a whopping ton of new blogs to enjoy. The posts for this thing were of extremely high quality, far more intelligent, creative and at times amusing than I expected.

    I know you have one more coming, but I really hope you do a handful a year. The three of you have a great rapport together. Pencil me for all of them from here on out.

    1. Yes I think they’re all fun! So fun that we get addicted, so you never know, after the Beach Party one we might be able to fit in some others, before the O Canada one in Oct… hopefully that appeals to you too. I couldn’t agree more, I loved making the rounds and reading all the posts, so many great choices and takes on characters, new movies to discover and my rss reader is bursting from all the blogs I added to follow, and hearing the same from others is the best thing about these kinds of events 🙂 Thanks again for your contribution, tweets and these comments!

      1. Gladly. And I plan to engage with the Beach Party Blogathon just as much. O Canada also sounds interesting. I’ll wait for the details, but my guess is it focuses on Canadian filmmakers (?). I have a stack of David Cronenberg movies to see and this would be a good excuse. Too bad I just watched My Winnipeg not long ago as that would be perfect.

  3. A wonderful send-off you’ve given us Kristina. This blogathon was an overwhelming abundance of riches to read…and measure one’s self against. I have printed up many posts in order to take my time absorbing what’s written. I have comments for bloggers on some of their submissions that are so lengthy I may have to post my comments to them from my blog. Thanks for including my “Essays from the Couch” in this year’s blogathon. Who’d have thunk villains would be so much fun…to read about that is. ( Never down a dark alley! ) Good job everyone, especially our hostesses!

    1. You are so right, there was tons of great reading and maybe you could do a blog post with your thoughts, why not? People sure love their villains, and we loved hearing that everyone was so excited about it! Thanks for being a part of this, and in your case I’m extra glad because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have recognized you to say hi at TCMff! Cheers!

      1. I’m so glad you said “Hi.” I’m too shy to be wanting to do all this stuff. I should be in the back of a library doing research or sumthin’. Take care! 🙂

  4. Congrats on a hugely successful blogathon. Had a great time reading all the wonderful entries. Still working my way through them, actually. Looking forward to the Beach Party and whatever else you guys put together…especially Villains 2016!

    1. Thanks that’s nice to hear, it was great thanks to grea bloggers like you. We gotta go bigger next year and have prizes or something 🙂 and think of more cool events til then. Cheers!

    1. Yes there will be another, just need to nail down a date, maybe this summer (?) but in any case will be announced here. Thanks for the interest, I know I’m sure looking forward to the next one!


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