Announcing the 1947 Blogathon!


What do Out of the PastBorn to Kill, Forever Amber, and the Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap have in common?

They were all released in 1947!

Whether you’re a fan of film noir, comedy, westerns, or four-hankie weepers, you’re sure to have a favorite that hit the big screen in this great cinematic year.

So tell us all about it in the 1947 Blogathon! Brought to you by Kristina from Speakeasy and Karen from Shadows and Satin, this event will run July 13-15, 2015. You can write about any film, from any genre, as long as it was released between January 1, 1947 and December 31, 1947.

Duplicates are no problem, and you can post on any day of the event. Just click here and fill out this handy, dandy form for each film you’ll be covering, and you’ll be all set! (We’re also asking for…

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27 thoughts on “Announcing the 1947 Blogathon!”

  1. Thanks for putting this a couple weeks into July. Between the beach & history project, I’m going to need a breather. But this rocks!

  2. Ok so I originally signed up for Black Narcissus but then I saw it was taken (even though duplicates are ok) so I submitted again for The Ghost and Mrs Muir! Who knew so many great movies came out in 1947?

    1. yes, Re Aaron’s comment, there are bound to be repeats this time out so don’t worry too much, let us know what you decide 🙂

        1. Ha, well there’s a lot to be said for going crazy 🙂 just looking at the sign ups there’s someone doing GHOST too so feel free to do whatever grabs your interest, can’t go wrong.

          1. Ok! So! Here is my plan! I think I’ll do Black Narcissus BUT I would also like to do The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer because 1947 is when my grandma graduated high school and she was a bobby-soxer! Is that OK?

            1. anything you pick is ok! that’s a cool reason to choose that. when we update the signup I’ll put you down for those 🙂 thanks!

            2. No I edited for you, and by all means once the lists are up if you still want to change anything just say so! We don’t mind 🙂

  3. My favorite films for 1947 would include: The Bishop’s Wife, The Ghost And Mrs. Muir, The Farmer’s Daughter, Brute Force, 13 Rue Madeleine, Miracle On 34th Street, Gentleman’s Agreement, Kiss Of Death, The Red House, Out Of The Past, Dark Passage and so many more.

    1. There were tons, lots of to choose from for the bloggers. I almost went for 13 Rue Madeleine myself! I think it might have been the peak noir year too.

  4. Just saw this announcement the other day, so please put me down for the noirish-soaper, They Won’t Believe Me, featuring Robert Young(as a guy who doesn’t know best at all!), Susan Hayward, Jane Greer, and Rita Johnson. Thanks!

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