The Beach Party Blogathon: Day 5 Recap

Silver Screenings

Everything's groovy at the Beach Party Blogathon. Image: giphy.comEverything’s groovy at the Beach Party Blogathon. Image:

Hey, Cool Cats, today’s the last day of the Beach Party Blogathon. However, if you still plan to come to the party, Kristina from Speakeasy will be doing a final wrap-up post tomorrow and will include your post then.

In the meantime, be sure to check out these posts from today!


Bubblegum Aesthetics compares the 1991 and 2015 versions of Point Blank.


Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings watches 1963’s Beach Party for the first time.


Cinematic Frontier wades into the deep with the original blockbuster Jaws (1975)


Dell on Movies relishes in the unintentionally hilarious Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961).


The Wonderful World of Cinema explores Italian Neorealism with Stromboli (1950).


Film Grimoire tells us not to expect too much from Orca (1977).


Cinema Monolith waxes nostalgic about the California vibe with Malibu Beach (1978).


Speakeasy dreams of a tropical vacation…

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