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You heard me, random! And I can prove it:

Liz at Now Voyaging made me this awesome decoupage notebook/journal with all my favourite classic faces! Thanks Liz, you did a super job and I love it! I’ll make sure to only write my Boris Karloff theory of cryogenics in this one.

IMG_1257 IMG_1258

With news this week that Hugh Jackman might do The Odyssey it’s a good time for a family story. From 1968 to 1970 there was a hugely popular European TV series adaptation (imdb) of this (it was also shown in TVO in Canada), and they filmed much of it a stone’s throw from where my dad grew up in Croatia. Dad told me how he went with family and friends to watch a scene being filmed with Cyclops chucking a boulder off a cliff at Odysseus/Ulysses (Bekim Fehmu, shown in the header photo) on his ship. The following weekend when nobody was working, dad and company went and took turns lifting the styrofoam boulder (no pictures, sadly).

I found that very scene and fake rock on YouTube (it’s in French, scene marked to start at 1.17).

To me the best part about this story is that Mario Bava was in charge of the special effects and directed a few episodes, so he was very likely present if not calling the shots. The series also starred Barbara Bach, Irene Papas, it was one of the first big Euro co-productions (Italy, France, West Germany, Yugoslavia), appointment television wherever it aired and I see that many reviewers call it a masterpiece. Look forward to checking out more than the Cyclops episode. 

Things I bought lately:

Fireball: Carole Lombard and the Mystery of Flight 3

Lee Marvin: Point Blank 

Encyclopedia of Pulp Fiction Writers

Just finished reading the Linda Darnell biography by Ron Davis, review will be up this week.

A few days ago we announced the Criterion blogathon coming this November, which I’m pleased to be co-hosting with Ruth of Silver Screenings and Aaron of Criterion Blues, check out the details here, and the films already claimed here. It’s shaping up to be a very big and fun event, so please join us, and check #CriterionBlogathon on twitter and also check out Aaron’s new Criterion Close-up podcast.  

Criterion Banner FINAL

I’ll be participating in the Lauren Bacall blogathon at In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood, the Swashathon hosted by Movies, Silently, the Republic Pictures Blogathon  hosted by 50 Westerns From The 50s, and I’ll be writing about Thunder Road for the CMBA Fall Blogathon.

Some nice images:


Told you it was random.


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  1. Thanks for the comments. And that is so cool and thoughtful of Liz!

    Wow, you are going to be busy participating in these Blogathons while participating in ours. I’m taking the fall off of Blogathons until ours is over.

    Haven’t read the book, but Lee Marvin is tremendous in Point Blank, one of my favorite films ever!

    1. My pleasure!
      It really was cool of Liz to make me that and I have to fill it with something intelligent 🙂

      I love Marvin in so many movies, so I look forward to that one, Point Blank is super and he’s relentless in it.

  2. Fun stuff! Especially love the middle photo in the snow.

    Looking forward to your review of the Darnell book. Hope you enjoy FIREBALL (not sure “enjoy” is right word given somber subject but it’s highly readable). Seeing the author speak in 2014 on the anniversary of the crash was memorable.

    Best wishes,

    1. I look forward to reading that, and I remember your review of it! The Darnell book is kind of similar with the tragedy.
      Time to do the occasional roundup again, all these little things rattling about in my head need a container. Best!

      1. I like it, hope you’ll do more roundups! 🙂 Just read your Darnell review and really enjoyed it.

        Best wishes,

  3. I look forward to hearing what you think of Fireball, too, Kristina — I recently heard extensive information about Lombard, Gable and the crash on a podcast; it was pretty heartbreaking. And the pulp fiction one, too — with Lee Server at the keyboard, it’s bound to be a good one.

    More random stuff, please! 😉

    1. The pulp fiction one I’ve had from the library over the years so I’m glad to have a copy of my own. Lee Server has some good bios out, you’re right. The Lombard will be sad but I heard it was well done so I look forward to reading. There can always be more random. Thanks!

  4. Look at you – with your father practically rubbing shoulders with the film industry! That is a lovely story.

    I agree with Karen – more Random Posts, please! 🙂

    1. Funny thing is my dad is no horror fan so he wouldn’t know Mario Bava if he tripped over him. They must have had fun watching that.

    1. Hey that’s not random at all, since you see I’m addicted to blogathons 🙂 great topic. I already have a couple ideas in mind and will pick one today, thanks for the invite!

  5. Crikey! you never know what is going to turn
    up in Kristinaland next.
    Wow!….Bekim Fehmiu.
    Now answer me this,why has Bekim’s 1971 Euro
    Western never turned up on DVD,let alone Blu-Ray.
    THE DESERTER directed by Burt Kennedy had a most
    diverting cast to say the least:
    Richard Crenna,Chuck Conners,Ricardo Montalban,
    Ian Bannen,John Huston,Brandon De Wilde,Woody Strode,
    Slim Pickens,Patrick Wayne,Albert Salmi.
    There again that’s Paramount for you, who have zero
    interest in releasing vintage films.

    1. First of all, I want to say that I have the overwhelming urge to rename my blog “Kristinaland” now! Thanks for that idea!
      That sounds like a fun movie and what a cast! Bekim has a Connery type of look and presence, but I don’t even know too much about him, interested to look him up a bit more.
      Thanks for the great comment, cheers!

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