I’m a Guest on The Criterion Close-Up Podcast


I was thrilled to be a guest on the Criterion Close-Up podcast. The episode, titled “January 2016 Releases and the Classic Film Blogosphere,” is now available here.

Hosts Mark Hurne and Aaron West were so fun to chat with about upcoming releases, and the bulk of our conversation was about the wealth of great classic movie blogs out there, the fun and rewards of writing about movies and putting your thoughts and reviews out there into the community. We discussed what blogathons are all about and pondered the value and future of the blogosphere in general. It was a really enjoyable talk with many great sites, people and groups mentioned, so please make sure to check out the detailed show notes to follow up with those.

Many thanks to Aaron and Mark for the invitation and great experience, I had a wonderful time, and you should listen to them regularly.

Criterion Close-Up Episode 11: January 2016 Releases and the Classic Film Blogosphere


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  1. You did great! I didn’t know about this podcast and will be looking for it in the future.

    And thanks again for the nice mention!!

    Best wishes,

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