First Look: The Dark Pages’ Latest Issue


Hot off the presses is the very latest issue of the original bi-monthly publication for noir movie fans. Here’s what you’ll find in it:

An interesting debate on what Neo-Noir is, if it even exists or is a necessary label,

Part 1 of an analysis of Jimmy Stewart in Vertigo (1958),

The enduring appeal of Sunset Boulevard (1950),


An all-star UK noir The Good Die Young (1954),

plus a quiz that will teach you more about the ladies of noir, and more.

Also in this issue is my regular viewing guide to noirs showing on TCM with some background on selected stars and titles: this time I look at the lives of Marla English (Shield for Murder), Dame Judith Anderson (The Strange Love of Martha Ivers), and director/man of many talents Byron Haskin (Too Late for Tears).


The Dark Pages is great reading for any noir fan, get this issue or a whole subscription; click here to visit the Dark Pages site where you can order your paper or e-version.

And contact Karen here to contribute your writing for the Giant Year-end issue all about The Asphalt Jungle. Deadline for submissions is Nov 20.