Underrated 1945 Films


Anyone who loves movies knows (or should) that Rupert Pupkin Speaks is a source of great reviews and endless movie discoveries to add to your “to watch” lists. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute a list in that blog’s current series, Underrated Films of 1945. It’s just been posted, so please go read it, and be sure to see all the other great lists.

Previously Rupert Pupkin Speaks posted my list of Underrated 1955 Films and 5 Underrated Detective/ Mystery Movies.

Some hints about what’s on the list….

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11 thoughts on “Underrated 1945 Films”

    1. Cool, and great list you have there! it’s hard when I feel like I should see EVERYTHING before being remotely qualified to pick, but the fun is that all the lists are unique and hopefully people find something new to see.

  1. I’d humbly suggest that ‘The Way to the Stars’ should be in any 1945 list, and in the top 5, too.
    Other very serious contenders that always get overlooked would be: The True Glory, A Diary for Timothy, Blithe Spirit, The Southerner, The Three Caballeros (if that’s allowed).
    ‘Kitty’ is also pretty good, up until the ending.

    1. Thanks for adding these, I made notes for my own viewing since I’ve seen only three that you listed here. Love the Rupert Pupkin list series because there are so many great suggestions to learn from.

    1. Thank you Colin, I’ve been a bad visitor at your blog lately, (at many of them frankly) I’ll be doing a little binge read over there soon. 🙂 These lists are tough because like I said above, I hate to pick when I haven’t seen all there is to see, but lots of fun anyway. Best!

      1. Been a bad visitor myself, busy times I’m afraid. I’ve a ton of catching up to do as well.
        I do like these lists though as they almost always bring something new to my attention (that Ulmer flick in this case) and it’s great to have new stuff to explore.

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