First Look: The Dark Pages’ The Asphalt Jungle Giant Issue


The Dark Pages’ annual extravaganzas are big deals and every year they just get bigger and better. For this giant issue the focus is the caper classic The Asphalt Jungle.

Many fantastic guest contributors look at the film from every angle including: how it shaped noir and the caper genre, how it reflects pre-Depression dreams and postwar realities, how men and women are portrayed, and how their gazes play into their desires and downfalls.

Director John Huston, the source material and most of the actors and their performances are covered: Marilyn Monroe, James Whitmore, Sterling Hayden, Jean Hagen, Sam Jaffe, Louis Calhern and more. There’s a collection of contemporary reviews, ads and international posters, you’ll learn about the spinoff TV series starring Jack Warden, the Western remake and what other movies were influenced by this landmark heist story. You’ll see which noirs showing on TCM in the next few months in a calendar that focuses on Asphalt Jungle players and makers. All this, plus juicy quotes, trivia and background information. It’s so much rewarding reading you’ll feel like you busted open a vault.

If you’re a noir movie fan, The Dark Pages is for you. Don’t be a big banana-head, get this issue or a whole subscription, just click right here to learn how to order in paper or E version.


10 thoughts on “First Look: The Dark Pages’ The Asphalt Jungle Giant Issue”

  1. Thank you for the heads up! I’ve been a Karen fan for awhile, but had never taken the plunge. Until now. I’m a subscriber and a reader.

  2. I just subscribed – really looking forward to reading more about one of my all-time favorite noir films!

  3. The Asphalt Jungle is a great film noir – very subtle and very taunt. It was the first film with Jean Hagen that I saw after I had only seen her as the blond bimbo with the annoyingly girlish voice in Singin’ In The Rain. Here, she speaks in her normal voice and is very different.


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