Forgotten Filmcast Ep 67: Paranoiac

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On the latest installment of the Forgotten Filmcast we journey into the realm of Britain’s Hammer Studio.  However, this isn’t their traditional sort of gothic horror tale.  Kristina Dijan from Speakeasy joins Todd to discuss the 1963 Hammer thriller Paranoiac.

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Films Discussed:
Whispering Smith
Scream of Fear

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4 thoughts on “Forgotten Filmcast Ep 67: Paranoiac”

  1. Fun podcast! Man, Oliver Reed sounds like a real piece of work in this one (as is usually the case!). I think I successfully fast-forwarded through most of the spoilers, so I’m really eager to check this one out. I’ll also have to add Forgotten Filmcast to my subscriptions.

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen! Much appreciated and I hope you like it, as you can see we agreed it’s an underrated one. It’s a great podcast to follow, lots of neat discoveries 🙂 Cheers!

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