Announcing The Great Villain Blogathon 2016!


The big bad blogathon celebrating cinema’s greatest villains is back!

The blogathon is now underway so this will be the event hub. Bookmark and keep coming back as we update with the nightly recaps. When the blogathon is over all the links will be archived here.

Day 1  / Day 2  / Day 3 / Day 4  / Day 5  / Day 6  

Original announcement:

Bloggers, vloggers & podcasters; Everyone is invited to take part in the Great Villain Blogathon 2016. All you do is pick a movie villain to cover, and then have a ball hailing the hateful and heinous, contemplating the corrupt and evaluating the evil. Villains from absolutely any era, country and genre of film are welcome.


Your Hosts: Ruth of Silver Screenings,  Karen of Shadows & Satin and Kristina of Speakeasy.

The Date: May 15-20, 2016, and you may post any day you wish.

Villain 2016 Banners

No duplicates please! There are tons of villains to go around, so please check the roster on this page before signing up, and be original. Villains that were covered in previous years are fair game. 


Grab one of the awesome banners in this post (thanks Ruth for those!), paste it on your blog, tweet and promo it at #Villains2016 to help spread the word, and thanks for joining us.  



Villain 2016 Banners


72 thoughts on “Announcing The Great Villain Blogathon 2016!”

  1. When I saw you dropping hints on Twitter I was practically stalking your feed so I could make sure I get Darth Vader. I decided after seeing The Force Awakens that I would pick him if you did the villain blogathon this year. So now I have to watch all the prequels again, LOL.

    1. Haha! Well after wondering for the last 2 years why nobody picked Darth I was so happy to see you grab that topic! Thanks so much for joining us 🙂

  2. I was looking for this one after seeing some archives of old ones I missed before I started blogging. It immediately popped into my mind the one (or multiple ones) that fit the bill for me. I’d like to do a retrospective of the late Paul Gleason, who did such great iconic “villains” as assistant principal Vernon in “The Breakfast Club” and the evil Clarence Beeks in “Trading Places”. I’ll also reference a few other roles, but I want to concentrate on those two. I will just enter it as “Paul Gleason’s roles” in your roster, but I wanted to clarify it here.

    1. Sounds great, thanks for joining, and we’re really happy to see there was such anticipation for this blogathon! It promises to be a great party again 🙂

    1. I know 🙂 that’s the beauty of this, so many to pick from and so many to keep this event going for years to come! Thanks so much for joining, it’ll be great.

  3. Ladies…you wicked wicked ladies. You’re back with this dastardly blogathon. Villains all…so I’m going to pick one of the most despicable villains I can think of for my contribution. So despicable that I may have to burn my computer after I submit my post to you. I’ll write about Louis Calhern playing the ewwwwwww-ingly despicable Verne Coolan in “DEVIL’S DOORWAY.” My skin is crawling just writing this. Ack!

    And again, your banners are fabulous!

    1. Dethpicable! As Sylvester would say. That’s a good one– I love all the highly original and varied choices people are making. Thanks so much for joining us!

  4. Villains deserve their blog space too…haha Gonna share this on my twitter and Facebook and take part when it happens… May is going to be exciting…

  5. Would love to participate at the Brewery. And while they are all technically “bad guys” I’d like to single out George Kennedy’s Red Leary in THUNDERBOLT AND LIGHTFOOT.

  6. Hi, I signed up with Dial M for Murder but a better idea has come into my mind in the meanwhile. Would it be a big problem if I changed my topic to “Monsieur Verdoux”? I hope there’s still a way to do this! I’m really looking forward to this blogathon, with so many villains to read about!

  7. So glad to see that the Great Villain Blogathon has returned! I put in my choice for Baron Bomburst but I was wondering if I might also cover a group of villains ( not one in particular ) : Gangster Goons of the 1940s and 1950s. These are those tough-talkin’ thugs who appeared strictly in comedies….notably Sheldon Leonard and Marc Lawrence. Let me know if this is allowed! Thanks. – Connie ( Silver Scenes )

  8. Hi…I just noticed my proposed entry for the Crush blogathon has made its way onto the Villain list….So, for the Villain one I’ll stick with Ravenna of Snow White and the Hunstman but Christian Slater/Robin Hood/Mobsters should move to the Reel Infatuation list. 🙂


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