#Villains2016 Blogathon Starts Sunday!

Villain 2016 Banners

The Great Villain Blogathon takes place this Sunday May 15th through Friday the 20th!

We can’t wait to read everyone’s thoughts on cinema’s worst “Big Bad” villains.

Whether you’re taking part or reading, please help us promo the great entries on social media at #Villains2016. 

On each evening of the blogathon, your hosts will post a recap of the day’s posts. If you post later in the evening, or if we need to spread the posts out evenly over the week of festivities, don’t worry! You will be included in a recap.

For details (there’s still time to join) and the impressive list of participants, click HERE.

See you at all at The Great Villain Blogathon 2016!

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