The Great #Villains2016 Blogathon: Day 3

The big bad blogathon celebrating cinema’s greatest villains brings you another day of dastardly dudes and dames doing dirty deeds. Please enjoy today’s examinations of evil. If you post your entry later this evening, don’t worry, we have a particular set of skills and will use them to find and include you in the next recap.

Caftan Woman: Dave Purvis (William Talman) in “Armored Car Robbery” (1950)

Silver Screenings: Requiem for Captain Quinlan

Orson Welles is in no mood to talk. Image: Sky Movies

Mike’s Take on the Movies: Gregory Peck as the Bad Guy? Impossible! ….. The Boys From Brazil (1978)


It’s Talman again from Journeys in Darkness & Light: Emmett Myers from The Hitch-Hiker (1953)


A Classic Movie Blog: Gene Tierney in Leave Her To Heaven (1945): A Force of Nature

The Lonely Critic: Witnessing Immortan Joe and his War Boys on the Fury Road

Wolffian Classic Movies Digest: House of Wax

Defiant Success: Robert Montgomery in Night Must Fall 

Silentology: The Villains of D.W. Griffith Films

Sometimes They go to Eleven: The Visitor (1979) 

The Visitor

F for Films: Mr. Arkadin

Arkadin unmasked.png

Be sure to visit Ruth at Silver Screenings for more villainy on Day 4.


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