First Look: The Dark Pages’ Latest Issue


Hot off the presses is the very latest issue of the original publication for noir movie fans. Here’s what you’ll find in it:


  • Good Girls in Bad Company: a look at noir’s lighter ladies
  • Clash by Night (1952), the first article in a new series on movies of the Night
  • One writer’s top 10 Film Noir with criteria and explanation
  • Two films by director Lewis Seiler, Whiplash (1948) and The System (1953)
  • My calendar of noirs airing on TCM and coming out on disc in July and August, with spotlights on The Blue Gardenia (1953) and Deadline-USA (1952)
  • A 33-song playlist of noirish mood music with dark lyrics, movie titles and more
  • Call for submissions for the year-end giant issue focusing on Noir in 1950
  • Plus a quiz to test your knowledge of great noir casts


Dark Pages’ creator and editor Karen Hannsberry loads each issue with great reading for any film noir fan, so take a walk on the dark side with this issue or treat yourself to a whole subscription.

Click here to visit The Dark Pages’ site to order paper or e-version.


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