June Film Diary


By taking a blog vacation, I had time to watch a lot more movies than usual. The month’s viewing highlights:

I’m working on a big Joel McCrea western roundup post, seen 6 of those so far and have a few more to go before posting.

Discoveries of the month: hands down 3 from Ozu and 5 from the French New Wave, (links to my posts on those).

Went further into giallo with A Bay of Blood, and Deep Red.


Caught up with/rewatched good 70’s crime/action/drama with The New Centurions, The Split, The Organization, Three Days of the Condor, The Seven-Ups, Klute.


Others I really liked: Spotlight, Mississippi Grind, Venus in Fur, The Martian, Rob the Mob, Magic Mike XXL, A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence, All Things Must Pass: The Tower Records Story, Neighbors.

martian venus



OK to good: 16 Blocks, Black Sea, Everest, In the Valley of Elah.

Underwhelming: The Purge: Anarchy, Black Mass, Tammy, Heist, Life (2015), The Humbling, We Bought a Zoo, The Visit, Divergent, The Green Inferno.


My TV addiction, the gorgeous gothic horror series Penny Dreadful, came to an unexpected and rushed but fitting end. Eva Green gave a performance for the ages, I loved every moment and highly recommend for fans of Hammer horror and a classy, lavish take on monster lit.

The rest of June’s posts:


17 thoughts on “June Film Diary”

  1. As busy a I am, I think I need to pay more attention to you, lol. Good that you caught Bay of Blood and Deep Red – I’m on the hook waiting to read your takes on those flicks. I’m in a movie-watching rut momentarily, but that seems to be ending thanks to a blogathon or two that kicked me in the head.

    1. My rut now is that whenever I’d open the blog I kept thinking I could use that time to see one more movie lol. Bay of Blood was great fun, with everyone running around, the hatchet to the face and the ending with the kids (!!), but Deep Red is also darn fine ART. Imaginatively twisted deaths, I had to laugh at the dying woman who wastes precious time writing on the steamy mirror: “IT WAS_______”. The skeleton in the secret Christmas room was spooky as all get out. Really enjoying them, and got your list of recommends handy!

  2. For starters, I want that Roy Scheider poster!!! Ultra cool. Deep Red is a great Giallo. I could have saved you the time on The Humbling. blah….. I’ll look forward to the McCrea selections. “I just want to enter my house justified.”

    1. Great poster, and super car chase in that movie! The Humbling is like Heist, with Pacino and De Niro I like to see everything they do. Heist was better.

  3. That’s quite a selection of movies!

    I really liked The Martian (and the book, too, which was unexpected). I thought Matt Damon was the perfect choice to carry this film. As for the other Matt Damon feature, We Bought a Zoo, I agree. It was pleasant, but underwhelming.

    1. The Martian was just satisfying, nothing overly flashy but a great can-do story about resourcefulness and optimism, always like those. Zoo was family-friendly and definitely not time wasted– the whole time I was thinking what a blast it would have been done in the 50s with some classic stars (I do that a lot, fantasy-casting every new thing I watch).

        1. That’s what I thought too, you might be thinking along Houseboat lines, like I was! 🙂 Jimmy Stewart would’ve been good too. With Doris Day haha

    1. I know! Sometimes it’s good to take a break from the reviewing/blog side and just sit back and enjoy the movies. Recharging time 🙂

  4. Welcome back from vacation! I’m actually going on my vacation in a few days. Don’t know what I’ll do without movies, but I did promise my young nieces I’d take them to their first drive-in movie, so I’ll see at least one double-feature.

  5. I’m certainly in tune with your 1970s crime drama selections (some very impressive films there–one of the milder pleasures of THE ORGANIZATION is the way just what is referred to in the title can shift from one assembly to another over the course of the film), though the gialli I tend to find less satisfying…as a huge Mario Bava fan and that of his contemporaries, neorealist on over to Fellini, the next gen have always struck me as too operatic..but I haven’t yet seen PROFONDO ROSSO or the other…perhaps I should give them a go. As a former employee of three different Tower Records/Books at various times, I have some distinct and firm thoughts on the limitations of that documentary. And definitely look forward to the new posts…SPOTLIGHT was solid in much the same way THE ORGANIZATION was, with the small extra weight of trying to portray actual events (though we know which was going to lose in a face-off between the GLOBE and the Church at that time, even that late time).

    1. Yes I feel I saw a lot of very solid ones, especially liked my 70s crime, and just saw more of those in the last couple days, so the streak continues! Operatic is the right word, I’d say so just based on the handful that I’ve seen now. Loved the gorgeous images in Rosso. Very interesting about the Tower records docu, I liked the startup and 70s part best in that, all that vinyl!

  6. I watched ‘The Seven-Ups’ recently and will be reviewing that at some point…I love that it had a ‘sequel to The French Connection’ feel to it. And of course Three Days of the Condor…a great one. Was that your first viewing?

    1. Both Seven and French have amazing car chases! Love those gritty crime movies. I did see Condor long ago enough to forget most of it, tight paranoia thriller.

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