First Look: The Dark Pages’ Latest Issue

Hot off the presses is the new issue of the original publication for noir movie fans, and as a regular contributor I love to tell you what’s in it:

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  • An in-depth look at Gilda
  • Book to film: Leave Her to Heaven
  • the noirs of Luther Adler
  • Five lesser-known noirs you’ll want to watch
  • spotlight on Hume Cronyn and some notable Canadians in his family tree
  • My regular calendar of noirs on TCM and new to disc in November and December, with information about Joan Crawford in Possessed and Daisy Kenyon, how The Unfaithful reminded audiences of real-life cases and its connection to Born to Kill, The Stranger’s place in Welles’ career, and a look at the way Cornell Woolrich’s writing was adapted for The Window, and that film’s connections to Hitchcock and Rear Window.

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…one last call for submissions for the Giant Dark Pages year-end issue which will focus on all things noir in 1950. Every year these DP issues are full of fine writing on a specific subject and 1950 promises to be a big one. You may review a noir released that year, focus on the 1950 work of an actor, director, writer or any other 1950 angle, like the state of the genre that year. To learn more and submit writing, please contact thedarkpages [at]

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Dark Pages’ creator and editor Karen Hannsberry makes sure that each DP issue is great reading for any film noir fan; take a walk on the dark side with this issue or a subscription.

Click here to visit The Dark Pages’ site to order paper or e-version.


4 thoughts on “First Look: The Dark Pages’ Latest Issue”

  1. Looks like a great issue. I just saw GILDA (again!) at Noir City DC and saw BLACK ANGEL recently for the first time, *plus* have seen Luther Adler in at least three noir movies in the past month! Can’t wait to read all that great stuff.

    1. Love the variety of things Karen includes in these, actor bios, source material etc, always great material to supplement noir viewing! Thanks!

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