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The fine movie blog Rupert Pupkin Speaks is always a source of great movie suggestions and reviews, so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute a list of my Favourite Film Discoveries of 2016. It was really hard to narrow down to just these few, since I saw more movies, and more great ones, than ever this year! Oh the problems of a movie addict. Please check out the whole Discoveries series, it’s sure to add a ton of titles to your watchlist.

You can see my other lists hosted at Rupert Pupkin Speaks here, including my picks for Underrated 1956, 1955, 1945 and Detective/Mystery Movies.

More hints about my picks for highlights of the year…

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4 thoughts on “Film Discoveries of 2016”

  1. “The problems of a movie addict!” Ha! I did the same thing yesterday, made a list of my favourite Classic Film discoveries of the year, thinking I could settle for 10, ended up with 27, whittled it down to 20. It was just for fun but posted it on my Facebook page as it depresses me to see so many of my friends blinded to older pictures while seemingly content, excited even, with the mediocrity that passes for Hollywood entertainment now.

    Thanks for your always terrific work, Kristina, and best wishes for the New Year!

    1. No kidding, boy can I relate. Truly I discovered some super well-known films and world cinema giants, but went with the more obscure ones for the same reason you mention– to push more people to seek these out, and also see where so much that seems original now actually came from. So many new faves, and here’s to many more in the future!
      Thanks to you, and all the best for a Happy New Year!!

  2. That’s it! We maybe tend to forget that Directors are big movie fans too and are influenced by the films they grew up with. I saw The Blue Angel earlier in the year and there’s a scene where Emil Jannings sneaks into Marlene’s dressing room under false pretence and it hit me how similar it was to a similar scene from Blade Runner. I’m sure it’s not co-incidence, more like a hidden code. In The Red Shoes I noticed the dance sequence in front of the window is remarkably similar (right down to it’s musical cues) to Legend, when Princess Lili transformed in front of the mirror. Those “A-ha!” moments are awesome!

    1. So true, just the other day I saw so much of Rawhide in The Hateful Eight, and we all know Tarantino loves classics. Whether they do it purposely or it just happens as a result of movie fan osmosis, you can find a lot of echoes from classics. Yeah those a-ha moments are such a fun part of watching. Those are some great examples. There are some accounts I follow on twitter that constantly do these side-by-side comparisons not only between films but also to art and it’s great to follow!

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