Happy New Year!


2016 had its ups and downs but it was pretty nice here in Kristina-land. A lot to be thankful for, including these highlights of my movie year…


I went to the TCM Classic Film Festival (link to those posts) again, so fun to see friends, meet new ones, see all those sights, celebs and the main attraction, the great movies. Brief Encounter, Private Property, A House Divided and Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back were some of the many highlights there.

Thanks Todd for having me on the Forgotten Filmcast to discuss a Hammer Films’ favourite, Paranoiac, and thanks Bubbawheat for having me on FilmWHYS (as in “why haven’t you seen…”) podcast where I introduced him to the Treasure of the Sierra Madre and he had me watch Wanted and discuss my fave comic-to-movie adaptations.

It was great fun co-hosting the following blogathons with these wonderful fellow bloggers: O Canada with RuthBeyond the Cover with LizGreat Villains with Karen and Ruth, and Things I Learned from the Movies with Ruth. Thanks to all who joined these fun events, we hope to see many of you at the upcoming O Canada party.

Thanks Rupert Pupkin Speaks for posting my lists this year, and to Karen for publishing my writing in The Dark Pages, hard to believe I’m into year 12 of noir scribblings there (now get off my lawn).

I’ve been blogging a lot less, just less time with my other work and hobbies, and less desire to review every single thing I watch (I’d rather watch another movie!). I plan to do the film diary posts again in a much shorter version, because I love the discussion that always comes of them. With those I’m opening the great Mad Movie Challenge idea to include more recommendations from friends and readers, so bring them on anytime. Reminder that you can always see what I’m watching via my Letterboxd, and check this growing list of things I haven’t seen if you want to find something to suggest. I see a Randolph Scott binge in my future– have collected most of his westerns now, and it’s been years since I first saw some of them, long enough to have forgotten details… you can always leave your top 3 RS to help me plan my schedule.

I watched 583 movies (!) this year. Actors most seen: Joel McCrea, Alan Ladd, Denzel Washington, Alain Delon, Yvonne De Carlo, Robert Taylor, Jeff Chandler and Rory Calhoun. Genre most viewed, westerns by far, and the actor I loved discovering this year was Jock Mahoney, what a cool action hero.


The last Diary post I did was in August, so here are my fave things seen since then: The Mystery of Mr. X, The Big House, L’Eclisse, The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek, Kind Hearts and Coronets, I Know Where I’m Going!, The Law and Jake Wade, Backlash, Seven Days to Noon, A Day of Fury, Colorado Territory, Purple Noon, Rocco and His Brothers, Rome Open City, Bunny Lake is Missing, Madigan, Walking Tall, The Friends of Eddie Coyle, The Shooting, After Hours, Marie Antoinette, The Wind Rises, Mistress America, God Helps the Girl, Brooklyn, Sinister, The Town.

Many thanks to everyone who comes by to read, comment, and suggest new things for me to watch. I really appreciate your time and thoughts on everything, and I wish you all a healthy, happy, successful and movie-filled 2017.


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  1. I cannot believe you watched 583 films this past year…I’m lucky to get one per week! Would you say you literally watched at least one each day of 2016, or were they bunched up (like none were watched during the week, then ten were watched on a weekend)?

    1. I know neither can I! But a lot of classics are super short, and ones that require little to no brainpower I watched while working on something else, stuff like GODS OF EGYPT (not so bad actually! cheesy spectacle and Geoffrey Rush was a blast), or JUPITER ASCENDING 🙂 so they add up, but mostly yes I can see 1-2 an evening.

      1. Well, you and a few others have inspired me to watch more movies this year; I’ve got over 800 sitting on that damn tower…it’s time to start watching them!

  2. I know women can multi-task (hmm) but I find if I put a film on to watch it has to have my UNDIVIDED attention, Kristina! LOL

    Not my Top 3 RS films but 3 I suggest for (re?)appraisal for a future Scott binge (can’t wait!):

    Actually, come to think of it, “CORONER CREEK” would probably be in my Top 3 RS.

    1. 🙂 I must add that if I’m working I only put on movies that have been universally panned and save my dark-room-no-interruptions time for the good stuff. So I’ve “seen” some stinkers without wasting valuable time. Doesn’t happen often since I really do lose the plot completely if I’m doing something else. Another one I watched that way was the POINT BREAK remake which truly was so baaaaad but curiosity got the best of me, I like the original.
      Thank you, I am taking notes and won’t be doing bookkeeping or anything while watching RS to be sure!!

  3. So glad you saw The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek-love that film! Also Colorado Territory-I now know why my grandma loved Joel McCrea! A couple Randolph Scott’s to peruse: My Favorite Wife, The Tall T,The Last of the Mohicans, Return of the Bad Men, A Lawless Street, Ride Lonesome, and Ride the High Country which also features McCrea.

    1. Morgan’s Creek was a suggestion from trusted film friends who say I am also to watch The Great McGinty and Hail the Conquering Hero, and I will 🙂 What a riot that was, perfect for Christmas. Thanks, I’m noting the RS recommends!

      1. Yes, you might as well watch all of Preston Sturges’s films. McGinty is surprisingly deep, not as much comedy as soul-searching in a way. Hail is a fun comedy, and with a son who served in the USMC, a personal fave of mine.

  4. Hi Kristina! I wrote a comment yesterday but I must have hit the wrong button as it didn’t show up LOL. I was so impressed by the number of movies you saw — no wonder you don’t have time to blog as frequently! But I’m glad your diary will be reappearing as I really enjoy reading it! Selfishly wish there were a way for you to watch that many movies and write too (grin), because I always enjoy your thoughtful comments and get great future viewing ideas.

    You saw many personal favorites, and I was delighted that you singled out Jock Mahoney as a favorite discovery. Also really like a number of movies you cited near the end, including I KNOW WHERE I’M GOING! (have watched it several times in last few years), BROOKLYN, THE MYSTERY OF MR. X, THE WIND RISES, COLORADO TERRITORY. Tons of great viewing right there!

    Here’s to more great movies in 2017!

    Happy New Year,

    1. Thanks! The problem when movies are my way to unwind– when I get free time I’d rather watch another one than blog the previous 🙂 But we’ll see how little roundups go because I do like to share and chat about what’s playing here, and glad to hear you get ideas from them. Watching Brooklyn so close to IKWIG! was nice: different but both charming movies about fascinating women making huge choices, and having their plans/ideas about the future being challenged. The Wind Rises was magical, my first Ghibli and there will be more! Happy New Year, may it be swell!

      1. What a great point about BROOKLYN and IKWIG! I hadn’t thought of that and you’re totally correct. Could make a really interesting essay!

        WIND RISES was my first Ghibli also — daughter and I had the good fortune to see it at the El Capitan with English subtitles. We were so wowed — story was such we felt like it could as easily been a live-action drama, and yet the animation was so gorgeous I’m glad it wasn’t.

        Happy New Year!

        Best wishes,

  5. I also am delighted you discovered Jock Mahoney in 2016, Kristina.

    Please let me strongly recommend his biography that came out a year or two back. Fascinating reading and really adds to the enjoyment of his films even more.

    1. Will check that out, thanks! On top of his few movies I saw this year, I just love that poster so much (also that Colorado Territory one is gorgeous, to have that on the wall..). I haven’t even seen Jock as Tarzan so I have some fun viewing ahead.

      1. Don’t know whether tv series are on your radar, Kristina, but Jock Mahoney’s starring features were down to the success of his series “THE RANGE RIDER”. For sheer exuberance, fun and some of the most fantastic stunting from BOTH its stars it is really worth catching. (I grew up on it a century or two back!!)

  6. 583 movies??? Man, my wife would divorce me if I saw that many movies in a year! I seem to remember Roger Ebert saying that he usually saw about 400-450 per year, but I’m sure that was largely before streaming and video availability. Some great recommendations – this will keep me busy for a long time! I look forward to more of your posts in 2017.

    1. Always love to give people ideas on new stuff, I get tons from you as well– we really are spoiled for ease and choice now, so much less time spent going out to search for movies, and so many to pick from!

      1. Yes, we really are spoiled! So many choices… Just need more hours in the day. You must have something like 36-hour days where you are!

  7. 583 movies? Wow! I hope I can get back to watching more movies this year. Just need to get better at organizing my time. Happy New Year!

    1. I either have a problem or just love movies, what can I say. 🙂 So many newer good ones too, cinema is not dead if you know where to look. Happy New Year to you!

  8. Happy New Year! 583 movies? My jaw is under the bed collecting dust bunnies. Anyway, is Kristina-land bigger than Dollywood with a better roller coaster? It certainly has a few movie theaters, that’s for sure! I’m backlogging a bunch of horror flicks I’ve been meaning to get to, so I guess I get to do just that soon.

    1. If movies are rides then sometimes you get a dizzy disk instead of a fun daredevil drop… turns out my number pales compared to some twitter pals. I haven’t forgotten your giallo recommends, I made a list and plan to use it! Hope the year’s treating you well so far.

  9. That’s a lot of movie watching, I am impressed. A top 3 Scott westerns is tough! Pick a Boetticher, a de Toth and one other – you won’t go too far wrong.
    And above all, have a great 2017.

    1. Thanks, that’s a nice RS scavenger hunt 🙂 Just remembered I never told you I watched one of your suggestions, Harry Black & the Tiger, and really liked it. Good adventure yarn. All the best for this year.

      1. I thought you’d get something from Harry Black. It has a good role for Granger, an interesting story and fine direction from Fregonese – I keep meaning to write something about it myself, will do at some point.

        1. I’ll look forward to that, there was a lot I liked about it, to name just one: Johar’s performance as Bapu was super.

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