#OCanadaBlogathon Day One Recap

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Time to kick off the 3rd annual tour of Canadian film and TV! For the next 3 days, just follow these recap posts to find all the great #OCanadaBlogathon contributions. Here are today’s entries:

Silver Screenings reviews a book about 18 Young Canadians in Old Hollywood

Louis B. Mayer is Taking Care of Business. Image: Lifetime

Thoughts All Sorts: The Grand Seduction (2013) 

I Found it at the Movies: Atlantic City (1980) 


Cinematic Scribblings: Neighbours (1952)


Classic Movie Man: Deanna Durbin in First Love

Cinematic Catharsis: Pin (1988) A Plastic Nightmare

The Midnite Drive-In: The Fly (1958), The Return of the Fly(1959), The Curse of the Fly(1965) 

She Who Seeks: My Winnipeg, part 1 

Image result for my winnipeg maddin

The Gods Are Bored: The Red Green Show

Magaly Guerrero: Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy” (short film/read by Neil Gaiman)

It Came From The Man Cave!: The Pyx

Movies, Silently: Tiger Rose (1923) 

Christina Wehner: Anne of Green Gables (1934) 


The Movie Rat: Brendan Meyer, Part One (Early Roles) 


The Stop Button: Scanners (1981) 

Image result for scanners 1981

Mike’s Take On The Movies: Across This Land with Stomping Tom Connors (1973)


Bloggers, if you posted today and don’t see your link here, don’t worry, we’ll include you in tomorrow’s recap, which will be posted by Ruth at Silver Screenings. Thanks to all, and keep coming back for much more!


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