TCM Film Festival 2017- Canadian Trivia

As many classic movie fans know, the 2017 TCM film fest is going on right now, and while I couldn’t be there this year, I’ve been invited to help out with a fun Canadian trivia project. Pam, a fest friend who’s also staying home this year (you can find her on twitter at @fallonthornley) has gathered tons of Canadian factoids related to the screenings and guests featured at this year’s TCMFF, and we’ve been posting them as twitter quizzes for the last couple days. Meanwhile, our friend Ruth of Silver Screenings is at the fest in person, where she’s giving out Pam’s “Hollywood North” Walter and Norma buttons to people who can answer one of Pam’s questions. See how many of these facts you know (answers are at the end) for one or all of these virtual buttons.

  1. In the Heat of the Night director, Torontonian Norman Jewison, is also producer of what other festival movie?

The Jerk
The Landlord
What’s Up Doc

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2. The Man Who Knew Too Much director Alfred Hitchcock desperately wanted to direct a certain Canadian actress.”Where are the ……….?”.

Mary Pickford
Marie Dressler
Norma Shearer

3. Sidney Poitier’s wife Joanna Shimkus is from what Canadian province?

Nova Scotia

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4. Costume Designer for Some Like it Hot & Jezebel was Orry Kelly. His eulogy was read by which Canadian?

Jack L. Warner
Yvonne De Carlo
Raymond Burr

5. Requiem for a Heavyweight actor Anthony Quinn’s first wife Katherine was from Vancouver; she was the daughter of which director?

Billy Wilder
Alfred Hitchcock
Cecil B. DeMille
Frank Capra

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6. Dawson City- Frozen Time (2016) is a documentary about lost films found in which Canadian Territory?

Red & White

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7. Gene Wilder’s third wife Gilda Radner had a definite Canadian connection. Which is correct?

Mentor to Catherine O’Hara
Dated Martin Short
Member of the Toronto comedy troupe Second City
All of the above

8. Billy Crystal had a song on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in 1984 with “You Look Mahvelous” which featured which Canadian on keyboards?

David Foster
Gordon Lightfoot
Bryan Adams
Paul Shaffer

9. Which Canadian band Immortalized William Holden & his role in Sunset Boulevard with the song “Floating”?

Blue Rodeo
Tragically Hip

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10. Alec Guinness was a huge fan of what Canadian television series?

Littlest Hobo
Due South
Road to Avonlea

11. Jeanette MacDonald in May 1943 made her Grand Opera Debut singing the role of Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” in what Canadian city?

Quebec City

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12. Eugene Joseff’s name can be seen in the credits of many festival movies. His wife Joan was from Alberta. What did he do?

Key grip

13. Norma Shearer’s brother Douglas had his own career in Hollywood & won 7 Oscars. What department was he known for?


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14. Chris Sarandon from Princess Bride is married to Joanna Gleason from Manitoba.What game show host is Chris’ father-in-law?

Monty Hall
Alex Trebek
Bob Barker
Jim Perry

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15. Many of the movies from the 30’s showing Friday at the Egyptian Theatre have this same Canadian connection. What is it?

Worked on a Mary Pickford movie
Mack Sennett’s Keystone Kops
Tried out for Our Gang
Had a Louis B. Mayer Story

16. Actress Dawn O’Day changed her stage name to the name of a literary character she played in a movie. What is the name?

Jane Eyre
Amy March
Catherine Earnshaw
Anne Shirley

17. English born actor Robert Donat had several of his brothers emigrate to Canada. His nephew, actor Peter Donat, is from what province?

New Brunswick
Nova Scotia

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18. For which of her ex-husbands did Joan Crawford arrange to have his ashes scattered over Muskoka Lake in Canada, close to his beloved home?

Franchot Tone
Phillip Terry
Douglas Fairbanks Jr
Alfred Steele

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  1. The Landlord
  2. Norma Shearer
  3. Nova Scotia
  4. Jack L. Warner
  5. Cecil B. DeMille
  6. Yukon
  7. All of the above
  8. Paul Shaffer
  9. Blue Rodeo
  10. Due South
  11. Montreal
  12. Jeweler
  13. Sound
  14. Monty Hall
  15. Mack Sennett’s Keystone Kops
  16. Anne Shirley
  17. Nova Scotia
  18. Franchot Tone

3 thoughts on “TCM Film Festival 2017- Canadian Trivia”

  1. Thanks for posting – This was fun! I’m embarrassed at how few I got right (mostly guesses) but it makes me want to learn more. I think I’m particularly interested in Canadian TV shows. Maybe you can recommend some that are available?

    1. All depends on your taste: my faves are SCTV, Kids in the Hall (comedy). Some iconic ones are Degrassi (high school) and then there’s always the joke about the Beachcombers being Canada’s Gunsmoke, ha–it’s not a western, but as long-running. Due South is a Mountie-police buddy show. Nowadays there’s Murdoch Mysteries which is good… lots of good ones!

      1. Thanks! I think I’m probably most interested in DUE SOUTH – looks fun and is fairly inexpensive on Amazon.

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