The Great Villain Blogathon 2017 Starts Tuesday!

Silver Screenings


The villains are back in town starting next Tuesday (April 25). If you haven’t signed up, it’s not too late to join!

Each evening, your three co-hosts – Shadows & Satin, Speakeasy and Silver Screenings – will take turns posting the day’s madcap adventures.

The list of participants can be found at Speakeasy HERE. All related links will be added to this original announcement post for handy reference and archiving.

See you next week!

Image: Villains Wikia

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36 thoughts on “The Great Villain Blogathon 2017 Starts Tuesday!”

  1. I really enjoyed so many of these last year as well as writing one for you guys. (Sorry I didn’t get one in for this year!) Go villains!

  2. I know this is extremely late notice, but could I possibly change my topic and write about Salieri from Amadeus instead? Thank you.

  3. I’m very sorry, but I had to work 8 ½ hours Saturday (I can’t turn down OT, it comes way to rarely), and Sunday was tied up too. But I had planned to spend the whole two days cranking out the three entries I committed to earlier. Unfortunately, due to time constraints I have to reduce my submissions to only two. I have decided to withdraw “Christine” for another time. The schedule for “Westworld” (Tuesday) and ST:TWOK (Friday) will still remain, however. I at least got those two written…(and boy am I tired…)

    1. No problem at all, thanks for letting us know. I’ll take off the entry for Christine and really looking forward to your posts!

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