First Look: The Dark Pages’ Latest Issue

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Hot off the presses is the new issue of the original publication for noir movie fans, and as a regular contributor, I love to tell you what’s in it:

  • Who was Allen Rivkin?
  • A fun noir, Abbott and Costello’s Who Done It? (1942)
  • The Essential Mary Astor
  • The Prowler (1951)
  • A close look at the program of the Mid-Century Productions’ International Noir festival in San Francisco, A Rare Noir is Good to Find 2
  • My regular calendar of noirs showing on TCM in the next couple months, with much focus on the warped psyches and complications in My Name is Julia Ross (1945), Sign of the Ram (1948) and Act of Violence (1948)
  • Call for submissions for the giant year-end issue, all about The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946)

The Dark Pages’ creator and editor Karen Hannsberry makes sure that each issue is full of great reading for any film noir fan; take a walk on the dark side and pick up this issue or better yet, a whole subscription (why should the noir characters be the only ones with all the issues?).

Click here to visit The Dark Pages’ site, and order your paper or e-version.


2 thoughts on “First Look: The Dark Pages’ Latest Issue”

  1. Looks like a great issue – Can’t wait! (I’ll probably contact you via Twitter to find out more about submissions for the next issue.)

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