First Look: The Dark Pages’ Latest Issue

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Hot off the presses is the new issue of the original publication for noir movie fans, and as a regular contributor, I love to tell you what’s in it:

Image result for scarlet street poster

  • A contrarian critique of Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958)
  • features on:

Scarlet Street (1945)

Gun Crazy (1950)

Diva (1981)

  • My regular calendar of noirs showing on TCM in the next couple months, with featurettes on Rififi (1954) and A Man Escaped (1956)
  • Reminder: there’s still time for submissions for the giant year-end issue featuring The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946 & 1981)

Image result for diva 1981

The Dark Pages’ head femme fatale, Karen Hannsberry, makes sure that each issue is full of great reading for any film noir fan; take a walk on the dark side and pick up this issue or a whole subscription (why should the noir characters be the only ones with all the issues?).

Click here to visit The Dark Pages’ site, and order your paper or e-version.


5 thoughts on “First Look: The Dark Pages’ Latest Issue

  1. So glad you covered DIVA! That is such a wonderful movie that I wish more people would see. Can’t wait to read the issue!

      1. I remember when Siskel & Ebert covered it on their show back when it came out. Not sure where I saw it unless it was HBO back in the day or maybe a VHS rental, but I’d love to see it again.

          1. I like to think of us as “seasoned” (oh wait, that sounds like we’re going to be eaten!) or maybe “experienced” would be better! I think there are some DVD editions of DIVA out there – I need to investigate that a bit further.


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