#OCanada Blogathon – Day 1 Recap

Silver Screenings

Hooray for Canada!

The first day of the #OCanada Blogathon features terrific reviews of films from a variety of genres, including romance, adventure, drama and horror – films as varied as Canada itself.

Other entries focus the careers of some famous and talented Canadians.

Bloggers: If we missed you today, don’t worry. We’ll include you in tomorrow’s recap.

In the meantime, please enjoy today’s fabulous entries. They are Canuck Approved!

Realweegiemidget Reviews

3 Reactions to 3 Reel Romances with Ryan Gosling

Cinematic Scribblings

Where a Decent Man Can Breathe Freely: 49th Parallel (1941)

Movies Silently

Madame Tutli Putli (2007): A Silent Film Review

I Found it at the Movies

Raymond Burr for the Prosecution:  A Place in the Sun (1951)

Caftan Woman

“They must have thought the cat kept a diary!”  The Incredible Journey (1963)

Silver Scenes

“There’s no wilderness wide enough to hide a sin.”  The Wild North

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