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9 thoughts on “About & Contact”

  1. Hi!

    This is Clayton, formerly of CLAYTONOLOGY. My email got hacked, and through it, my website got destroyed. I have a new site, called


    My new site address: http://phantomempires.weebly.com/

    Just wanted to let you know…It’s taking a bit to redo my posts! BTW, I dig yer book collection! Feel free to delete this…it’s just a head’s up. :)


    1. wow that sucks :( not a great thing to happen but if it’s any consolation, on quick glance I like the look of your resurrected blog. Thanks for the update, I’ll fix my reader and thanks for checking out my collection! cheers


  2. What do you think about the personal diary of Kay Francis? It is hard to believe that the person on screen is the same person in the diary. Pretty good acting!


  3. Love movies, old and new. Hard to find people these days, around my age, who enjoy a classic or have even heard of one. My father always had TCM on and taught me well, in music as well as in film, what can be truly great and what is classic is classic for a reason. :-)
    Hope to check back here often.



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