TCM Film Festival 2017- More Canadian Trivia

Following on the previous post’s TCM Classic Film Festival trivia, here are some more questions Pam and I tweeted over the weekend. You can find Pam on twitter at @fallonthornley for classic movie fun and Remington Steele watch-along hosting. See how many of these you know (answers at the end), and help yourself to one of these buttons we’ve been handing out on twitter and in person at TCMFF (thanks to Ruth– see her tcmff pix here).

  1. After Eugene Joseff died in 1948, his Canadian born wife Joan took over his business. Both their names can be seen in the credits of many festival movies. What did they do?

key grips

2. Gene Wilder’s third wife Gilda Radner had a definite Canadian connection. Which of these is correct?

Mentor to Catherine O’Hara
Dated Martin Short
Member of the Toronto comedy troupe Second City
All of the above
Image result for gilda radner

3. Jack Warner originally turned Humphrey Bogart down for what reason?

He objected to: his lisp
…his big ears
…his bad singing
…his military record

Image result for humphrey bogart

4. Lee Miller was a stand-in for which Canadian TV actor?

Raymond Burr
Lorne Greene
Yvonne De Carlo
Jay Silverheels

5. Which Bonnie & Clyde cast member’s mother was a drama teacher from Nova Scotia?

Gene Hackman
Faye Dunaway
Michael J. Pollard
Warren Beatty

Image result for bonnie and clyde movie

6. Which of the following Canadian fun facts is false, about a member of the cast of What’s Up Doc?

Dated a Canadian Playmate
Has applied for refugee status
Family worked on the border
Dated a prime minister

7. What popular and respected Canadian rock group accompanies Meryl Streep at the end of the film Postcards from the Edge?

Blue Rodeo
Tragically Hip
April Wine

Image result for postcards from the edge


  1. jeweler
  2. all of the above
  3. his lisp
  4. Raymond Burr
  5. Warren Beatty
  6. All 4 are true
  7. Blue Rodeo

#OCanada Blogathon: It’s a Wrap!

Thanks so much everybody! You made it another great event!

Silver Screenings

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It was an awesome #OCanada party!

Thank you for sharing your insights and your research, as well as your interest in Canadian filmmakers.

We learned a lot from you. You explored all eras and genres – from the silents to recent releases, and from comedy to horror.

We’re throwing another bash next February, and we hope to see you then.

In the meantime, here a few final, but fabulous, entries.


The Movie Rat  Brendan Meyer, Part Three
(In Search of Other Dimensions)



The Wonderful World of Cinema
Discovering Paul Dupuis


Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

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#OCanada Blogathon Day 3 Recap

O Canada Banner

More great contributions on this final day of the #OCanada Blogathon! Please check out all this fine work spotlighting Canadian entertainers and their work.

Bloggers: don’t worry if we didn’t include your post here, we’ll make sure to include you in tomorrow’s wrap-up post. Now enjoy today’s writing:

She Who Seeks: Guy Madden’s My Winnipeg (2007), Part 3

Image result for my winnipeg maddin

Cinema Monolith: The Last SCTV 


The Old Hollywood Garden: Walter Huston in Dodsworth (1936)


Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings: Trail of the Yukon (1949) 


The Flapper Dame: a spotlight on Megan Follows 

Moon in Gemini: Gunless (2010) 


Blogferatu: The Mask (1961)


That William Powell Site: Carole Lombard’s Mack Sennett Days 


Silent-ology: The Career of Florence Lawrence 


Century Film Project: Canadian Official War Films (First World War)


This has been a great weekend of Canadiana! Come back tomorrow for the wrap post, hosted over at Ruth’s Silver Screenings.

#OCanada Blogathon Day 2 Recap

Silver Screenings


It’s cold and snowy here in our part of Canada, but we’re staying warm with today’s fabulous contributions to the #OCanada Blogathon.

Bloggers: If we didn’t include your post today, we’ll be sure to add it to tomorrow’s Day 3 recap, hosted by Kristina at Speakeasy.

Be sure to check out these wonderful tributes to the Great White North.


Speakeasy   The North-West Mounted Police in The Canadians (1961)



Realweegiemidget Reviews   Rachel McAdams in About Time (2013)



Love Letters to Old Hollywood   Jack Carson in Romance on the High Seas (1948)



A Shroud of Thoughts   Atom Egoyan’s The Sweet Hereafter (1997)



Charlene’s (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews
Gordon Pinsent’s John and the Missus (1987)



Caftan Woman  How to play “Spot Joe Sawyer”



Noirish  Joel Gauthier’s Rédemption (2013)



The Flapper Dame  The colour film noir Niagara (1953)



Voyages Extraordinaires  The Canadian Mountie on film

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