All about DarkPages noir mag

I’m Senior Writer at THE DARK PAGES, a bi-monthly print publication established 2005 and dedicated to all things Noir.  DP does an annual giant issue, out at year’s end, focusing on all the angles of one special noir (2010: Out of the Past  / 2011: Double Indemnity /  2012: Nightmare Alley / 2013: The Killers / 2014: Mildred Pierce

THE DARK PAGES’ editor and creator is Karen Hannsberry, author of the books BAD BOYS and actresses FEMME NOIR.

THE DARK PAGES SUBSCRIPTION ORDER SITE offers paper and paperless e-subscriptions.


2 thoughts on “All about DarkPages noir mag

  1. Heym Kristina and company, thanks for not forgetting about me while I’ve been in Sweet 16 land! :-) I’ve also been working on my NIGHTMARE ALLEY post for THE DARK PAGES! Let the fun commence!



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