The Beach Party Blogathon: Day 5 Recap

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Everything's groovy at the Beach Party Blogathon. Image: giphy.comEverything’s groovy at the Beach Party Blogathon. Image:

Hey, Cool Cats, today’s the last day of the Beach Party Blogathon. However, if you still plan to come to the party, Kristina from Speakeasy will be doing a final wrap-up post tomorrow and will include your post then.

In the meantime, be sure to check out these posts from today!


Bubblegum Aesthetics compares the 1991 and 2015 versions of Point Blank.


Laura’s Miscellaneous Musings watches 1963’s Beach Party for the first time.


Cinematic Frontier wades into the deep with the original blockbuster Jaws (1975)


Dell on Movies relishes in the unintentionally hilarious Creature from the Haunted Sea (1961).


The Wonderful World of Cinema explores Italian Neorealism with Stromboli (1950).


Film Grimoire tells us not to expect too much from Orca (1977).


Cinema Monolith waxes nostalgic about the California vibe with Malibu Beach (1978).


Speakeasy dreams of a tropical vacation…

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The Beach Party Blogathon: Day 3 Recap

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Life's a Beach! Image: giphy.comLife is one big beach party! Image:

Things are going swimmingly (ha ha) at the Beach Party Blogathon! You won’t want to miss any of today’s fab posts!


Wide Screen World searches for the perfect wave with the documentary, Endless Summer (1966).


Le Mot de Cinephiliaque reminisces about a New York summer blockbuster, Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995).


The Doglady’s Den tangles with Sean Connery as James Bond in Dr. No (1962).


Retro Critica ventures into laughter and adventure in The Palm Beach Story (1942).

Kirk and Walley

Classic Film and TV Café cringes at The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini(1966).


Silver Screenings invites you to a Beach Party (1963)

If you post later this evening, no worries! Kristina at Speakeasy will catch you on the flip side and include you in tomorrow night’s recap.

Day 1 Posts

Day 2 Posts

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The Beach Party Blogathon: Day 1 Recap

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It's all party, all the time at the Beach Party Blogathon. Image: tumblrIt’s all party, all the time at our Beach Party. Image: tumblr

We’re hangin’ ten! The Beach Party Blogathon is off to a swinging’ start, thanks to the bloggers listed below. Take time to peruse all these entries, daddio. You’ll be glad you did!


Movie Movie Blog Blog looks at a “money-sucking machine” in the shark-infested Open Water (2004).


Caftan Woman investigates a stylish 1920s Hawaiian mystery in The Black Camel (1931).


Sister Celluloid grooves to the horror monster musical, The Horror of Party Beach (1964).


Now Voyaging sails to the south Pacific with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in Road to Singapore (1940).


Moon Over Gemini discovers life really is a beach in Local Hero (1984).


British Film Classics goes on a seaside vacation with Holiday Camp (1947).


Girls Do Film looks at the scandal and the story of And God Created Woman (1956).


Pop Culture Reverie remembers Dorothy McGuire and Richard Egan…

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Announcing the 1947 Blogathon!

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What do Out of the PastBorn to Kill, Forever Amber, and the Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap have in common?

They were all released in 1947!

Whether you’re a fan of film noir, comedy, westerns, or four-hankie weepers, you’re sure to have a favorite that hit the big screen in this great cinematic year.

So tell us all about it in the 1947 Blogathon! Brought to you by Kristina from Speakeasy and Karen from Shadows and Satin, this event will run July 13-15, 2015. You can write about any film, from any genre, as long as it was released between January 1, 1947 and December 31, 1947.

Duplicates are no problem, and you can post on any day of the event. Just click here and fill out this handy, dandy form for each film you’ll be covering, and you’ll be all set! (We’re also asking for…

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Beach Party Bash (Blogathon) Next Week!

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This is a swinging' party, baby! Image: Matthew's Island of Misfit ToysThis is a swinging’ party, baby! Image: Matthew’s Island of Misfit Toys

The hippest blogathon on the Planet is happening next week! The Beach Party Blogathon goes from June 8-12, 2015, and it’ll be outta sight!

If it parties on the shore on in the sea, if it munches on swimmers or scientists, if it surfs or wears a bikini, if it hunts for treasure or seaside action – all are welcome! This blogathon is gonna blow your mind.

We’re going with the vibes of a beach party, so there aren’t too many rules. You can post any day during the blogathon, and you can pick a movie from any era. Someone else has taken your choice? It’s cool, man. More than one blogger covering the same film/topic is groovy by us.

Q’s? You can leave a comment below or contact Kristina of Speakeasy.

You forgot to sign up? Relax, daddio. It’s not too late. Click here for the 

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