Kay Francis’ Confession

Leave Macaulay Culkin Home Alone, he gets in a little trouble and hilarity ensues. Leave sweet Jane Bryan alone for a few days, she gets involved with a sophisticated, older gentleman stalker, who becomes thoroughly obsessed with her and then gets himself shot dead in her company by a highly dramatic and enigmatic cabaret singer. And that’s just where the movie really starts. Continue reading “Kay Francis’ Confession”


Faith Domergue



Faith Domergue was the subject of a huge buildup by Howard Hughes’ publicity machine, heavily promoted as a “smoldering siren”, and an exotic bombshell, but for all the hoopla she never quite achieved superstardom. She was disillusioned by her first major experience, rebelled against the image that all the expensive hype was meant to create, and walked away from Hollywood and fame a number of times.

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