February Film Diary, Part 2


Best of recent viewing


Get Low (2009). Simple, folksy redemption story with Robert Duvall as an ornery coot with a heart (St. Vincent in the 1930s) and a tragic secret regarding long-lost sweetheart Sissy Spacek. He hires smooth cynic Bill Murray and honest family man Lucas Black to throw him a funeral while he’s alive so he can hear all the legends and set the record straight about himself.


The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008), Keanu as alien visitor, a moral more eco/green with the alien visitors wanting to cleanse the human virus ruining Earth.

The Invasion (2007). The least of The Body Snatcher versions but creepy enough for me and does its job of capturing the horrors of Groupthink. Shrink Nicole Kidman and boyfriend doctor Daniel Craig search for cause and cure. More subtle and smart than expected, and there’s a good movie in here; the original director’s (Oliver Hirschbiegel) cut was tinkered with and another director brought in, so that’s likely why it feels so mixed up.

Body of Lies (2008). Ridley Scott, CIA vs. terrorists, skilled but disillusioned independent field op (Leonardo DiCaprio) vs. ruthless veteran spymaster (Russell Crowe), American vs. Jordanian intelligence (excellent Mark Strong), and all after the same villains, but always stepping on each other’s work. A Most Wanted Man told a similar story.


Backcountry (2014). A couple (Missy Peregrym, Jeff Roop) gets lost in the Canadian woods and chased by a bear– spare, simple, short and thrilling.