Val Lewton event

Val Lewton blogathon starts here,  Happy Halloween! scroll all the way down to see all the links…

Horror Film Master

Horrors! Get ready for the Val Lewton blogathon! Kristina of this Speakeasy blog and Stephen aka Classic Movie Man cohost this event.

Lewton, the subject of a documentary produced by none other than Academy Award winning director, Martin Scorsese (Val Lewton: The Man in the Shadows, 2007) was a horror film genius. He didn’t invent the horror film, but elevated it to a new level by commissioning literate scripts, (often written anonymously by himself), carefully casting his main characters, and incorporating film noir techniques. Not a household name, Lewton  produced the horror classics Cat People (1942) and I Walked With a Zombie (1943). Often imitated, Lewton influenced legendary directors Scorsese, William Friedkin, and George Romero, to name a few.

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thanks so much for reading, and for everyone who’s taking part and helping us promote this, we really appreciate all the interest and participation!

All credit must go to my co-host for this event, Stephen aka Classic Movie Man, for the idea, which was a natural spinoff of his great post Val Lewton: The genius nobody knows. Today Stephen writes on I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE  focusing on “Betsy,” one of the more self-assured, professional, smart & honorable of the Lewton heroines.  @sreggie

my post is on THE GHOST SHIP, a real-life horror story of an insane sea captain who abuses his power @HQofK

Once Upon a Screen: CAT PEOPLE not only a great analysis of the film but of Lewton’s “important role of bridging the gap in horror films between Universal’s golden era to the resurgence of the genre” @citizenscreen

Thrilling days of Yesteryear:  THE SEVENTH VICTIM  an extensive look at the movie’s controversial subject, its influence and its cast  @igsjr

Furious Cinema: ISLE OF THE DEAD  Pete reviews director Mark Robson’s work and the movie’s influence on Scorsese’s Shutter Island   @furiouscinema

50 Westerns from the 50’s:  APACHE DRUMS gives you lots of info on  Lewton’s scary, suspenseful western, his only Technicolor film, and discusses its place at the end of his career (and he also links to another great post on the same movie, so make sure to check that out)

Laura’s Misc Musings:  THE LEOPARD MAN  as one of the lesser known but not less spooky & enjoyable Lewton movies @laurasmiscmovie

Craig of Viking Samurai : BODY SNATCHER looks at Karloff’s performance and relationships with the other characters @craigr3521

The Last Drive-in (Monster Girl) –  CURSE OF THE CAT PEOPLE  through the themes of the feline, the fearsome female and the fearing child in 2 posts!   part 1  and part 2    @thelastdrivein

Lasso the Movies  -on why CAT PEOPLE is such a big favorite and why we can relate to it   @lassothemovies

Classic Movie Gab: THE BODY SNATCHER all about Karloff’s performance, the real life background of the story & more @pinkpetalz

Caftan Woman writes on the appeal of THE SEVENTH VICTIM @caftanwoman

Critica retro: talks about Lewton’s work on TALE OF TWO CITIES, specificaly the storming of the Bastille scenes!  (this page is in Portuguese but there are handy translator buttons you can use) @startspreading

for the many other writers taking part, I now send you to go visit my co-host Classic Movie Man’s hub where you’ll find:

Old Movies Nostalgia  – VAL LEWTON BIO  @moviesnostalgia

The Stop Button  – MADEMOISELLE FIFI   @thestopbutton

She Blogged by Night  – THE BODY SNATCHER

My Love of Old Hollywood  –  A STAR IS BORN

Journeys in Classic Film CAT PEOPLE  and I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE

A Shroud of Thoughts  – SEVENTH VICTIM

Nitrate Diva  – Lewton’s use of Point of View & Voice-Over @nitratediva

Kellee Pratt  – Lewton’s Influence on the Horror genre   @irishjayhawk66

Can’t Stop the Movies- BEDLAM @mr_sheldrake

CP’s  Classical Gas – ISLE OF THE DEAD


43 thoughts on “Val Lewton event”

  1. There is absolutely NO WAY I can take part in another blogathon! So please count me in! I’d like to cover “Cat People” (1942), one of my favorites – I will prepare to lose sleep if this choice is acceptable.


  2. Kristina, I wish I could join you in this Val Lewton Blogathon, but I’m already working on THE DARK PAGES’ Nightmare Alley ish, including my piece about Mike Mazurki and MURDER, MY SWEET, as well as exciting family things coming up, like our daughter’s upcoming Sweet Sixteen and the New York Comic Con (since we’ve long worked in the comic industry, we get in for free). However, I’m happy to spread the news about the Lewton Blogathon! Good luck and have fun!

    1. Dorian will you be at the New York Comic Con? I would love to see you there! Thinking of going if I could get away. Can wait to read what you’re doing with THE DARK PAGES! your fan -Joey

      1. Hey, Joey, great to see you here at Speakeasy with Kristina and the crew! I’ve been so crazy-busy with both deadlines and family things (like our daughter’s Sweet Sixteen in late October) that I’ve been remiss on replying to you and others, but I swear I’ll catch up!

        Yes, we of Team Bartilucci will be at the New York Comic Con! It would be awesome to catch up with you there! If you do indeed attend the Comic-Con, let’s grab a bite to eat; we know all the cheap yet tasty eats in the area! 🙂

        Working on a NIGHTMARE ALLEY-related article involving Mike Mazurki! Hope you’ll enjoy it when that DARK PAGES issue comes out! 🙂

        Happy trailers,

        1. Hey Dori!- It’s so amazing to connect with such cool people such as yourself and Kristina. I am very blessed to be able to find interesting, critical thinkers because of my little film blog. The Last Drive In has been therapeutic for me at first, but has wound up bringing an abundance of very cool people my way! Thanks again for reaching out to me!

          I am going to try and make it to NYC for Comic-Con. I’ll let you know, not sure if it’s doable for me,but it would be so awesome to sit and eat and drink and yap away with you…!

          I hope you’re daughter has a wonderful Sweet Sixteen, that’s a huge event in a person’s life. You must be so proud of her. BTW… I am so excited to see what you write about NIGHTMARE ALLEY. I had done a feature on it way back. It’s one of my favorite films. It’s a masterpiece…better than Citizen Kane. Just sayin’
          Okay, long winded me should shut my trap and let you write and plan and such!


          1. Aw, thanks, Joey, you’re a sugar bowl with two handles (yes, that’s a good thing :-))! It’s true, good blogs can be therapeutic as well as fun! We of Team Bartilucci will be staying in a hotel for a couple of days, so if you’re able to come to the New York Comic-Con, maybe we could get together for lunch or dinner (we know a few reasonably priced eateries). Keep me posted! 🙂

        1. Yay! indeed! Thanks so much for finding me… I will look at Lewton this week. I’m pretty certain that I’m going to cover Isle of The Dead and Curse of The Cat People…”my friend…my friend”


    2. No doubt about, Mike Mazurki was born to play Moose “they call me Moose on account of I’m large” Malloy, and was, well, cute as lace pants in every other role he played.

      And I see from your tweets that you’re an Adrien Brody fan, which brings up the subject of his starring role in “Dummy”, and the astonishing Milla Jovovich’s character in that film, which I just emailed a friend about, having seen her in three wildly disparate characters in as many days– Leeloo in “The Fifth Element:”, Jeanne D’arc in “The Messenger” and as mentioned above, the incredibly straight-outta-Jersey punk rocker Fangora in “Dummy”.

      Guess I’m sorta knocked out by this Ukrainian supermodel’s acting, is what I’m saying, even more than by those turquoise eyes of hers. Rowrr.

      Nightmare Alley fan as well, so I’m definitely looking forward to visiting Dark Pages.

      1. Hey, Chris, always nice to swap comments with a kindred spirit who loves the gorgeous and multi-talented Milla Jovovich AND Adrien Brody (no doubt you’ve guessed DUMMY is one of my fave flicks :-)) I hope you’ll enjoy my NIGHTMARE ALLEY piece when THE DARK PAGES’ new issue comes out, and although family obligations are preventing me from blogging for Val Lewton myself, I’m really looking forward to reading what you and our fellow bloggers offer!

        1. DUMMY is such a gem– Brody, Jovovich– all this and Ileana Douglas, too!

          You probably already know this, but for others, I’ll spell it out: this little indie flick was considered unworthy of release and dismissed to the shelf, but wait: Adrien Brody wins an oscar for his performance in THE PIANIST, and well, off the shelf it came, to our benefit.

          And boy am I glad Adrien won that oscar, because otherwise I would not have had the pleasure of hearing the Ukrainian Milla Jovovich shout at her punk bandmates in pitch perfect American punkese “YOUR GUITAR SUCKS THE F-G WAD, MAN!”


          1. Not to get off-topic with Man of the Hour Val Lewton, but Milla virtually steals DUMMY; I’ve always thought she had a flair for comedy, especially with the line you cited: ““YOUR GUITAR SUCKS THE F-G WAD, MAN!” (Her hilarious delivery is spot-on!). Like you, I was glad to see more of Adrien Brody’s films get released after he won his Oscar for THE PIANIST. The rest of the cast were no slouches either – let’s not forget the amazing Illeana Douglas, as well as Vera Farmiga in an early role! For the record, I’ve always thought Brody and Douglas were perfect casting phyically and emotionally as the beleaguered siblings trying to build lives of their own. They even look perfect for their roles, with their attractive, angular features and silver-sage eyes. But I digress – we now return to our Val Lewton Blogathon, already in progress! 🙂

          2. hey there Chris, nice to “meet” you, thanks for stopping by to comment hope you’ll enjoy not only the Lewton event but other stuff in store. some great writers taking part!

  3. I’ll submit something for sure! I think I’ll take Bedlam, since I’ve never even heard of it before. Can’t wait to see other entries!

    1. Bedlam is a great pick, has a LOT to talk about..
      Just a note to everyone else reading comments feel free to leave your picks here so others can see, until we get around to updating pages.

    1. Ivan, I very much look forward to your post about THE SEVENTH VICTIM! It’s one of the most unnerving shower scenes since PSYCHO, but with no gore and all ominous atmostphere!

  4. OK, I have no idea what I’m getting myself into here — given my being a huge ‘fraidy cat, it took all the courage I could muster to watch my beloved Frances Dee in I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE . But I’ve got a copy of THE LEOPARD MAN and I think I should watch it for the blogathon! Since it was directed by the amazing Jacques Tourneur and it’s only 66 minutes long hopefully I can make it all the way through with my eyes open, LOL.

    Best wishes,

  5. I’d really love to do I walked With A Zombie, BUT…Isle of The Dead is a beautiful piece of work and would gladly take it on! Also Curse of The Cat People is haunting and tragic enough for me to delve into!

  6. Thanks for the invite. I would love to take part in this blogathon and I have had some trouble deciding what I should write about. I think I will do a post on Cat People also. Thanks again for doing such a fun blogathon

  7. What a terrific blogathon! I’d love to participate — and I know it’s been picked once, but please, The Body Snatcher for me (Stacia at She Blogged By Night). Thanks!

    1. This is one of my favorite Karloff performances, and well, he really GLOWS in this one doesn’t he {laughing]. Glad to see it’s in good hands, Stacia.

  8. Hi, Kristina! Apparently you haven’t received my e-mail, so I’ll write here: I want to be part of the blogathon, writing about A Tale of Two Cities and then a little about Lewton’s career as a producer. I’m @startspreading on twitter!

  9. It was alot of fun to be part of the blogathon celebrating Mr Lewtons incredible genre film work. Cheers to everyone who contributed & Happy Halloween!

  10. These posts are FANTASTIC~! It was wonderful being a part of this blogathon, and I am grateful to be in such good company. Lewton will forever have left his mark on cinema. I wish the storm hadn’t knocked me out of the way for several days, but fortunately I’m back and very happy to see that this was such a smashing success!!!!!!! Kudos to all-Joey(MonsterGirl)

    1. Well we were thrilled to have you along, and the great thing is this party will be open for everyone to enjoy whenever they need some Lewton! Thanks, lets all do it again soon!


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